Mothers and Daughters

Thursday, September 21st, 2006

Olivia goes looking for her daughter. Frank finds out Olivia tried to run Ava down. Everybody wants Dinah and Mallet back together.

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Ava and Coop try to work out what to do about Olivia

A grumpy Mallet is hunched over his computer vainly arguing with it when Marina and Buzz begin to mock him. Soon Gus appears to join in the mockery before offering to take Mallet away to get something to eat.

Harley is taking Dinah out for the day, but Dinah is perturbed to find Vanessa and Matt 'spontaneously' appearing to join them for lunch. While Dinah suspects this was a set up, she says nothing for the moment. Harley and Vanessa make a toast to Dinah, ironically complementing her on how well she's holding up. Dinah starts to get tired of bottling up her annoyance and tells them that they're just worried she's going to 'wig out' again and jump back on the 'crazy train.' They try and convince her that this isn't so, but it only fuels her suspicion that they are setting up 'another intervention' to deal with her. This quickly escalates into one of Dinah's rants and she acts up, talking about knives before grabbing a dessert plate, setting it on fire and juggling it around. Harley convinces her to relax and they douse the flames with wine before Dinah assures them that she doesn't need them checking up on her. Vanessa tells her she's 'throwing her life away' and this sets Dinah off again and she proclaims that she never wants to see Mallet again. Just as she does this, she rises from her chair only to turn around and bump right into Mallet being ushered into the room by Gus. They are both fed up with being set up by their friends like this and join hands to denounce them, exclaiming that they are the last people who should be giving them relationship advice considering the sordid problems in their own lives. Harley points out that, while Dinah and Mallet are attacking them, they're showing a lot of teamwork and make a really good couple. Vanessa chimes in to echo the sentiment and this is enough to make Dinah and Mallet clear out and go their separate ways. After they have left, Harley and Gus look at each other and say that they 'like our mess' together and begin to make out in the restaurant while all the other patrons stare at them.

Ava is with Coop, staring at the photo of the mother who she misses still. Coop continues to try and convince her to go to the police concerning Olivia's violent behavior. Ava is still reluctant, but while they debate this, Frank has been just outside the door and overhears the details of what's been going on. Coop says that Frank should get Olivia right now, but Frank says that there are extenuating circumstances because of the stress Olivia's been under. He is also unimpressed by the fact that Ava told Olivia that she would be sending the police after her. He believes that such threats will only make Olivia more dangerous and immediately sets off to find her. Frank questions Buzz about where Olivia is and imagines that she has gone on the run since going on vacation at this time makes her look 'guilty as hell.' Ava is angry with Coop for calling Frank in on this and tells him that she can take care of herself. They are both upset and begin kissing, soon falling into bed together. After making love, she sadly reminisces about how she used to be able to call her mother when she had problems. Coop says that he understands and that, as long as he's around, she'll never be alone. She isn't worried about what Olivia will do. Yet, at that moment, Gillespie (the thug Olivia hired) is leaving Olivia a message in which he assures her that he's 'on it' and 'Ms. Peralta won't be bothering her anymore.'

Jeffrey is questioning Marina as to why she hasn't made any headway in catching the blogger. She suspiciously tosses it back at him and he leaves, annoyed. Mallet returns to the office and Marina tells him that she found out the blogger's associates are in Chicago so the two of them set out after them. When Jeffrey gets back home, he finds Dinah lying on his bed playing with a gun. He's still in a panic about the blogger. She tells him that she hopes his secrets do come out; then at least both their lives will be ruined.

Olivia stares at the photo of the adoption mother and wonders if she ever told her daughter that she was adopted. She quickly copies down the name and address and then heads to Chicago with Emma to try and track them down. Once she gets to Chicago, she finds the father at a construction site talking to his daughter. At first, Olivia believes that this was the daughter she had given up, but after talking to the man it turns out that she is his biological daughter. When she questions him about the whereabouts of her daughter, he can't give her any answers because he split up with the mother a long time ago and she has subsequently died; he lost all contact with the little girl long ago. She asks him what the names of the mother and little girl were, but, just as he tries to remember, the police arrive and tell Olivia that they need to question her about an incident in Springfield (Frank called to tip them off when he found out from Buzz that she was in Chicago). She gives the man her number as she and Emma are taken away in the cruiser. Just as she leaves, the man remembers that the mother's name was 'Peralta.'

Next on GL: Cassie ask Billy for help: Josh has gone missing. Coop tells Ava that sending Olivia to jail will be the best thing for Emma.

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