Not Forever

Wednesday, September 20th, 2006

Coop urges Ava to have Olivia arrested. Emma wakes up. Olivia looks for the daughter she gave up.

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A drunken Olivia is behind the wheel of her car thinking that, as long as Emma is in the hospital, Ava should not be walking around safe. While this passes through her mind, Ava has caught her dress and tripped before the car; her eyes meet up with Olivia's and Olivia begins to drive at her. The car barely misses running Ava down. Frank unexpectedly appears on the scene and asks Olivia what happened. Olivia is in so state to speak coherently and he runs ahead to help a bleeding Ava from the ground. After helping her up, he questions Olivia on what happened and she tells him that she was just trying to turn on the radio when she slipped and set the car moving. Ava says nothing until Frank has left and then angrily tells Olivia that she is a 'lying bitch' and can't believe that she just tried to kill her again. A nervous Olivia asks her what she plans to do and Ava tells her that she isn't heartless enough to say anything until Emma gets out of the hospital, at which point, she'll tell everyone

Buzz finds a very jumpy Olivia at the hospital and she tells him that she's 'beginning to lose it.' She says she needs some time with Emma and sits by the bed alone to talk to her. She tells the unconscious Emma that 'there are no accidents' and that, no matter what, she won't let anyone come between them. She then leaves the bedside and makes a phone call to one of her old acquaintances, telling him that there is someone she needs to have 'taken care of.' Once she has wandered out to the atrium, she spots Ava with Coop and eavesdrops on their conversation. Coop has just noticed that Ava is bleeding and her dress is torn. She tells him that she just slipped, but he knows from her expression that it must have something to do with Olivia. Ava doesn't try to hide it and explains what happened in the garage but tells him to drop it when he wants to get Frank involved. She insists that they leave things as they are because the timing is not right yet, but that 'as soon as Emma is better, Olivia's going down.'

Olivia is still in the shadows while this happens and her contact appears looking for orders. He asks her how severe he needs to be, but before she can spell it out for him, Buzz interrupts and tells her that Emma has woken up! She rushes to her daughter overjoyed and tells her not to drink anymore perfume; it was bad for her and made her sleep a long time, like sleeping beauty. Olivia asks her if she felt alone and Emma tells her that she had a dream about her sister. 'You mean Lizzie?' Olivia asks. 'No,' Emma says, her sister has brown hair. When Olivia asks her what her sister's name was, the Dr. interrupts and says that he has to do a full examination. She steps out with Buzz, still overjoyed, but she won't let him call anyone and tell them that Emma is alright. She's 'superstitious' about it, she says, and he has to wait until she says it's alright. The Dr. says that Emma's fine and tells Olivia that she needs to go home and get some rest. Once she falls asleep, she flashes back to Emma talking about her dream sister and then further back to her own mother's funeral (where she goes into labor) and then the birth in the hospital where she gave the baby up. It was then that she said 'goodbye forever' to the baby, but when she wakes from the dream she exclaims: 'Not forever!'

Meanwhile, Lizzie runs into Coop in the corridor and asks him what's wrong. He tells her that Olivia tried to kill Ava. This news flabbergasts Lizzie, but she goes on to say that, if she were in her position, she would probably do the same. Coop isn't very impressed by this and leaves. The next day, Lizzie spots Olivia coming to pick Emma up and tells her that she heard about her trying to run Ava down. She says that she understands where she's coming from and goes off on Ava, about how she 'acts so innocent, but has done nothing but cause trouble.' Olivia is surprised they agree on something and thanks her for her support.

Next, Olivia drops in on Jeffrey to ask him for help. She needs him to set her up with some contacts in San Cristobel so she can find information about her past. Jeffrey's reluctant, but after she tells him that, if he refuses she'll make Springfield Burns the least of his problems, he agrees. Back at the hospital, Olivia is reading a story to Emma, who is playing with a stuffed bear, when Buzz comes in with an armload of stuffed animals. He asks her what her bear is called and she says 'Ava.' Olivia and Buzz are taken aback but try to ignore this. She takes him aside and tells him that she wants to go away with Emma alone and he says he understands that they need time together. When Olivia is getting Emma ready to leave, she asks her if she's still thinking about her dream sister and she answers 'yes'. Olivia tells her not to worry, that her sister will always been in her heart. They go to San Cristobel together and meet with one of Jeffrey's contacts. She gives Olivia a file that has all of the information on the child she gave up for adoption and pictures of the adoption parents.

Coop visits Ava to give her the good news on Emma's recovery. He says that now is the time for her to tell Frank about Olivia trying to kill her. Ava is still reluctant though, reminding him that they both lost their mothers young and that, if Olivia is taken away, Emma will end up in a foster home or with the Spauldings. Then she retrieves a book she's had since she was a little girl and pulls out a photo of her mother. Coop says that they don't look anything alike. The woman in the photo is the same as the one in Olivia's file.

Next on GL: Dinah tries to get over Mallet but he's everywhere. Frank searches for Olivia when he suspects that she's on the run.

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