Misery Loves Company

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

Reva and Josh finally sign. Blake tries to get Mallet to help Dinah. Coop tries to help Ava. Olivia goes over the limit.

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Reva says goodbye to her past

Josh is waiting for Reva in Billy's room. When Billy and Reva return, they are startled to find him there and spill the money Reva won in a poker game all over the floor. Josh doesn't take much notice of this and, spotting a photo of himself on the table, tells Reva they need to talk about the divorce papers which she has yet to sign. Billy excuses himself to take the money to the bank. Reva and Josh go up to the lighthouse so that they can end things in the most appropriate setting possible. He tells her that, even though this is an ending, 'there will never be an end to us'; this is just the end of their pain together, so that they can move on with their lives. Reva then tells him that he's been a better husband than she ever deserved and that there's something he really needs to know. He says that now is the time to put everything on the table, but she still can't manage to tell him what is wrong with her. They exchange goodbyes and go their separate ways. Reva prays to God to look at everything she's done, and says that, for all of her sacrifices, he owes her something.

Dinah is in bed with Jeffrey. She thanks him for the meaningless sex but tells him that she'll probably never forgive him for destroying her wedding day. As soon as she gets out of bed and heads into the bathroom, Blake walks through the door and a panicked Jeffrey tries to get dressed. She bemoans being called the 'heroine of middle aged women' and tries to pull Jeffrey back to the bed when Dinah emerges from the bathroom with a toothbrush in her mouth. Jeffrey quickly finishes dressing and rushes off. Blake sits down and nonchalantly comments that Dinah 'works fast.'


Blake has plans for Dinah

Minutes later, Mallet bursts into the room expecting to find trouble but only finding Blake modelling clothes in front of the mirror. She tells him that Dinah needs their help. Mallet isn't taking this seriously and knows that Blake just wants Jeffrey for herself. Blake counters by reminding him that Dinah's father, her ex-husband, loved him and would have wanted him to be with Dinah. Mallet departs and Jeffrey soon returns to find Blake still in the room, seated on the bed. He goes to get them drinks and when he turns to her is pulled in by a kiss. She tells him that there is no way that he is going to win the election and then leaves with a wink.


Cassie tries to swear off men

Cassie tries calling everyone she knows because she is desperate for a night out on the town. Unfortunately for her, no one is available. She even tries to take Frank and Mallet out, but they're on duty. Finally, Cassie ends up having drinks with Dinah. They decide that they aren't going to talk about men, but find it difficult to avoid. Cassie says that falling in love is always a mistake. Dinah tells her that the trick is finding a man who will love you more than you could love him; that way you aren't left too vulnerable. They try to get drunk and are disappointed that no men are hitting on them. Mallet walks in and Cassie convinces Dinah to go talk to him. She agrees only so she can 'get rid of him.' They start hotly debating who really left who and Dinah begins to rant about how well resentment and denial have served her. Mallet stops her with a kiss which silences her and then tell her that he's 'over it' and leaves her alone. While Mallet has been talking to Dinah, Reva has been with Cassie, trying to explain to her that her life with Josh is over. Reva says that she should call Josh now that they're getting divorced and that she just wants them to be happy together. Cassie doesn't trust her however, and asks her to stop 'messing with her head' and to stop dangling Josh in front of her. Reva insists that she's being genuine and that she just wants the two of them to have a chance at a beautiful life together. When the night comes to an end, Dinah leaves Cassie alone and she stares down at her phone wondering is she should call Josh. At that moment, Josh is at home and, seeing that there are no messages for him, goes into the night alone. Once he has gone, the call from Cassie rings into the empty room.

Coop is still worried that Olivia tried to kill Ava and tells her that he is going to figure out what the blogger has on Olivia. He tells her that he wants to whisk her away so that they can finally have some time together to 'just be.' Ava says that it's a nice idea, but she has to stay around while Emma is still in the hospital. Coop goes on to find Frank and brings him to see Buzz at the hospital. Coop confronts Buzz about Olivia's behaviour toward Ava and tells him how she tries to throw her off the roof. Buzz doesn't want to hear any of this and is becoming annoyed. Frank asks Coop what he wants him to do about it and Coop says that they just need to find a way to keep Olivia from Ava. Buzz is offended by the idea of a restraining order being issued against Olivia and accuses Coop of undermining the family.

A distraught Olivia runs away from Buzz as her flashbacks become more intense. When he catches up with her, he tries to comfort her and asks her what she's talking about. She is only talking to herself again, about losing the baby and Philip taking Emma away; she runs off again. She gets into her car, emptying a flask of alcohol and beating on the steering wheel before breaking into tears again. Ava is looking for Coop at the bar when a drunk Olivia comes in for a drink. When she notices that Ava is the only one there, she leaves to go to the liquor store. Ava tries to stop her from driving drunk and insists on driving her home. When they get in the car, Olivia wonders where her bag is and asks Ava to get it from inside. After she has gone in, Olivia gets tired of waiting and climbs behind the wheel of the car. Just as the car starts up, Ava comes out and trips in front of the car while Olivia drives towards her.

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