We're Just Close

Tuesday, November 20th, 2007

Gus is torn between two families, Harley is finding it harder to hide her feelings, Marina and Frank try to reconcile, Daisy and Beth are trapped in an elevator.

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At the mansion, Alex flatly tells Harley that she seems to have a 'thing' for Cyrus. Harley insists that they are just 'close.' Alex chuckles. 'Close? That's a loaded word.' Harley explains that even if she had feelings for the Australian, what kind of person would she be if she acted on them? Alex asks her what happened between them while they were under the rubble. Harley remembers kissing him, but only tells Alex that they played rock, paper, scissors. She walks out and bumps into Gus. She invites him over for the holidays, but he probably has plans with his other family so... He'll come, he insists. They share some awkward laughs and she leaves. He walks into the sitting room and pulls out the engagement ring he offered Natalia.


Dylan arrives at Harley's and starts knocking on the door and calling in. Daisy finally hears him over the music and lets him in. She starts reading him her speech for a pep rally. He stares at her, happy to see that she's back to being a good girl. 'You're incredible,' he smiles as she tells him all about the shoe drive. She felt like she had to do something that means something; she can't let one choice define her life. The abortion changed Rafe and she doesn't know how to get him back. Later, Daisy runs into Beth in the elevator at Towers. Beth says that Jim would miss Daisy so much, he'd be so happy to see her now. She starts talking about babies and the elevator stops. The baby starts to kick and, as time goes on, they become anxious. Daisy tries the emergency phone. Beth slumps and falls onto the floor. Daisy sits down beside her and Beth asks her if she wants to feel the baby kicking. That makes Daisy uncomfortable. She asks Beth about what it's like to be pregnant. Beth says that everything feels very settled with Rick. The emergency phone rings to see if they are still there. Beth is getting hot and breathing deep. She calls Alan by accident and tells him what's happening. He jumps up to run over. Daisy asks her why she called Alan. Beth doesn't know. They talk about Daisy's father for a moment until Alan starts calling. He pries the door open and pulls Beth out. He puts his arm around her and tells her how worried he is. When he offers to take her to Cedars, she says that Rick can check her out at home. She thanks him and rushes away. Daisy goes up to Dylan's room at the Beacon and sits in the dark alone.


Rafe meets Alan for dinner at Towers. Alan lets his grandson know that he is on his side. He tells him that he doesn't like the way that Gus is treating him. Rafe tries making some excuses for him. Alan tells him that they will be spending Thanksgiving together. But who knows which family Gus will be spending the holidays with? Meanwhile, Gus tracks Natalia down while she works at The Beacon. He interrupts her bed making to give her a cinnamon roll. 'I will wait as long as you need me to,' he says, taking her hand and telling her that he wants to spend Thanksgiving with her and Rafe. She tells him that he'll have to find him first. Later, Rafe tracks his mother down. She asks him to spend the holiday with her and Gus. He's surprised Gus isn't spending it with Harley. Later, when she's back at the mansion, Gus runs in and tells her that Harley invited him over to hers for the holiday, and not just him, but all of them. Natalia thinks that's a bad idea, but he should go and see the boys and not worry about her and Rafe. He thinks they should do both. Rafe overhears this and finally steps in, launching into a sarcastic attack on his father. Gus asks to talk to his son alone. Natalia leaves and Gus tries to explain himself. Harley's sons are like sons to him and he can't just leave them. Rafe says that they'll get over it, he did. Zach and Jude already have dads, but he and Nat only have Gus 'and most of the time, we don't even have that.' After his son storms away, Gus sits on the desk and stares at the ring again. Marina walks in. He tells her that he proposed to Natalia. Meanwhile, Natalia tells Rafe that she's been offered extra work for the holiday. If they work together, they can make more money and use it to buy Christmas gifts. He agrees and she hugs him close.


At CO2, Marina gets a coffee when Frank runs up to her. She tries to avoid him as he butters her up, telling her that they are due to crush Coop and Harley in touch football. He can't do this anymore, he admits. 'I love you and I miss you,' he tells her as Cyrus watches nearby. The father-daughter share a few laughs and coffee and sit down. She tells her father that she and Cyrus love each other more than ever. They start arguing again and Frank reminds her that Cyrus robbed a charity. She stands up and Cyrus walks over. 'Hello chief,' Cyrus smiles. Frank buries his fists in his pockets. He tells Cyrus that he's just lucky that he's still there. Cyrus reminds him of how much he's hurting his daughter. Frank throws it back at him and walks away. Marina feels bad and wishes that she didn't care so much, but he's her dad. Later, Marina runs into her aunt and asks her if she should bring anything to the holiday meal. They ramble through a conversation and Marina suggests that her aunt invited Gus just to get back with him. When she tells her aunt that Cyrus isn't coming anymore, Harley seems disappointed. Marina didn't think things would be like this, she admits. All that she thought about in captivity was life with Cyrus... now she has it and it's all thanks to Harley. She hugs her aunt and hops away leaving Harley gritting her teeth. She does her shopping and heads home to find Cyrus waiting at the door. He helps her carry the turkey in and she jokes that it's probably not good that he come tomorrow— Frank carries a gun after all. He starts teasing her and offers to help cook potatoes. They start cooking together and she tells him that she invited Gus. 'You still love him right?' he asks. She nods and looks away. After spilling some pie mix on his shirt, he takes it off and she tries to stop herself from staring.

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