Gambling On the Future

Monday, September 18th, 2006

Olivia attacks Ava. Reva takes a gamble. Jonathan and Tammy come under stress.

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Olivia and Buzz are at Emma's bedside in the hospital and she begins to wonder how much more she can take, but Buzz puts his arms around her and tells her she needs to relax and get some rest. She decides she'll go out to get something to eat while he looks after Emma. When she leaves, she walks in on Ava talking to Remy, telling him that she feels bad about working for Alan-Michael while Emma is in the hospital. Olivia sends Ava a deadly glare upon entering and Ava does her best to be friendly, asking how the new doctor is working out. This is the first time Olivia has heard that Ava helped to set up Emma with the new doctor and disgust rapidly fills her face. She gets out her phone to have the doctor removed from the case and Ava tells her she shouldn't; she and Alan-Michael were only trying to help get the best treatment for Emma. Olivia will have none of this and says that Ava is just grandstanding and trying to ingratiate herself with the Coopers. When Ava asks her why she is behaving this way, Olivia snaps and punches her in the mouth. A quivering Ava pulls back and tells her to take another punch so she can get it out of her system and they can finally talk like adults. Olivia runs out to the balcony and Ava follows momentarily, questioning her on why she hates her so much. Olivia says that it's because Ava is a phoney who manipulates everyone, and while she continues to rant, she gets flashbacks about her mother which make her rage more intense. Finally, she breaks and grabs Ava, trying to push her over the edge. Coop appears just in the nick of time to pull her off of Ava. Olivia begins to rant paranoically again before running off in tears. In an attempt to comfort Ava, Coop tells her that he'll never let anything like this happen again. He tells her that the only way they are going to be able to deal with Olivia is to find out everything they can about her; to see what she's hiding and understand what she's going to do. When Olivia returns to Buzz and Emma, the doctor tells them that there is nothing more that he can do; Emma will have to come out of it on her own. While flashbacks continue to flood over Olivia, she cries out 'I can't lose another baby again, never, not again!'

Reva tells Billy that she can't give Josh a divorce until she finds a way to pay for all the medical expenses she's accrued. Billy says that he has a plan, but it's a terrible plan: He wants to get her in on a high stakes poker game. With little reluctance, even at the prospect of losing what money she has, Reva agrees to go along. When Billy brings her to the poker match, the table of players is reluctant to take her on. Once she flashes a briefcase full of money and tells them that she learned to play poker off TV however, they change their tune. Soon, after continually badgering her about her life, she is telling the players that she is playing so she can make money to pay for cancer treatments. This guilts all of the players into folding; none of them have the heart to take her money. They ask her how she could have been bluffing with her treatment money and she tells them she was having them on. This impresses them and they ask her to come back and play with them again some day.

Cassie is giving Josh a passionate kiss while he half-heartedly tries to break away and explain that Reva didn't sign the divorce papers. He finally pulls away from her as she excitedly imagines a life where they no longer have to feel like they're betraying Reva all the time. When he tells her that she didn't sign the divorce papers however, a look of dejection clears her face. He assures her that it will happen, it just isn't official for some flaky reason of Reva's. Cassie believes though, that this reluctance on Reva's part is a sign that she still must want to get back together with him. Josh tells her that the love he shared with Reva is a love that comes from the past and what they went through; it is not a love that has a future. He tells her that they've fought too much, and too many people to stop now when they almost have what they really want. He drags her to Billy and Reva's room in an effort to sort things out finally. This backfires when Cassie finds a photo of Josh on the table and takes this as proof that she obviously hasn't given up on the marriage. Cassie leaves but Josh stays to wait for Billy and Reva's return. When they come through the door, they are startled to find him there and accidentally spill the poker winnings onto the floor.

Dr. Baker breaks into Tammy's room expecting to find her with Jonathan, but is shocked to find Lizzie with Jonathan instead. He begins to question an angered Jonathan and search the room. All the while, Tammy is hiding in the closet. When the doctor moves toward the closet, Jonathan runs at him with a flower pot but Lizzie gets him to drop it with a sharp look and tells the doctor that they are just in Tammy's room for sex because they're newlyweds and that's what they do; they just have sex everywhere they can. After they ask the doctor if he wants a performance, they chase him out of the room and have a relieved laugh. Tammy comes out of the closet and tells Lizzie that she's a good liar and, while Jonathan wonders how the doctor could have known he was with Tammy, Lizzie begins to have some dramatic cramps from crawling down the fire escape to warn them. A panicked Jonathan demands that she go to the hospital. They tell Tammy she has to stay in the room because it is too risky for the three of them to be seen together. A clearly disappointed Tammy watches them leave and Dr. Baker reappear outside her door. Thinking fast, Tammy calls Remy for help. He appears within a few minutes, in uniform, and begins to question the doctor before chasing him out of the hall for loitering. When we find Lizzie and Jonathan at the hospital, she has been checked out and is fine. She is impressed that he is so concerned and tries to cosy up to him when a woman who says that she is a social worker stops them in the hall to question them on what happened. Jonathan says that they were just over-concerned, but when the social worker asks more specific question, he realizes that she is working for Dr. Baker and Alan and tells her that he will destroy her life if he ever sees her again. Just then, Remy and Tammy appear and a distraught Jonathan takes Tammy aside. He tells her that he hates putting her in this situation which is getting more complicated everyday. To her dismay, he goes on to tell her that they have to 'cool it for awhile' because this 'is not a game' and the pressure is becoming too much. The only way that things will work out is for the marriage with Lizzie to look as real as possible. A worried Tammy agrees to this, reminding him that 'after this, it will just be you and me again.' Jonathan and Lizzie, excited that her plan to split up Tammy and him seems to be working, leave together.

Next on GL: Blake interrupts Jeffrey and Dinah. Olivia continues on her downward spiral.

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