A Day Out

Friday, September 15th, 2006

The threesome go to the movies. Josh serves Reva divorce papers. Someone new is blackmailing Rick and Beth.

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Tammy Winslow

Jonathan is dragging Lizzie into the movie theatre when they notice that Dr. Baker is, as usual, following them. They decide to give him a bit of a show before entering. The doctor can't follow them in because of the cease-and- desist order they put on him, so Lizzie thinks they'll get some time together. However, once they enter, Jonathan says he has a 'hot date in a dark room' and moves several aisles away to where Tammy is sitting, semi-incognito. A disgruntled Lizzie is joined by Ashlee who begins to annoy her by going on about Tammy and Jonathan's rather public display of affection a few feet away from them. Lizzie claims that he is 'just consoling her' for the loss of him in her life. Ashlee doesn't buy it and tells Lizzie that he's going to dump her as soon as the baby is born. Lizzie counters that the baby and the marriage will do more to break up Tammy and Jonathan than anything she could have come up with otherwise. Soon, Jonathan and Tammy become annoyed by the loud commentary Ashlee is giving their make-out session and decide to stop and just sit together so they won't raise too much suspicion. Tammy is disappointed and begins to seem worried. When the movie ends, Jonathan reluctantly returns to Lizzie, telling Ashlee he was just trying to 'cheer Tammy up.' When they go outside, the doctor is there waiting for them so they begin to play up while Tammy looks on at a distance, becoming increasingly depressed. When Jonathan takes Lizzie back to their room, she tries to extend the play, but he's having none of it and disappears down the fire escape to climb into Tammy's room via the balcony. She's upset with him though because he's laying it on so thick with Lizzie. He's perplexed by her jealousy and assures her that, once the baby's born and Lizzie proves herself to be a good mother, they'll be free to be together and get married.

Reva is at Billy's trying to write a letter and worrying about how long she has left to get Cassie and Josh together. Just then, Josh comes to the door with divorce papers in hand. She is startled but not entirely surprised. He tells her that it was she who gave him the idea that it was 'time to let go.' Reva is disappointed and reminds him that it wasn't so long ago that they tore up divorce papers. He says he remembers that time 'like it was a dream,' but now it's time to sign and tell the kids that she's with 'Uncle Billy' and he's with 'Aunt Cassie.' Reva stares at the document for a long time after Josh leaves and has trouble signing despite having 'plenty of experience divorcing him.' When she finally turns the page over to sign it, she notices a clause which calls for a full financial disclosure. She becomes horrified when she realizes that this will make it obvious that she's been paying for medical treatments. She has no idea how to hide all of the money that has gone so Billy offers to put money in, an offer she refuses.

Cassie is having coffee with Mel and is still uncertain about Josh and how things will turn out. She says that she just has to have faith that things will turn out alright. Josh calls and tells her he just dropped of the papers therefore the next time she sees him, he'll be 'free' so they arrange to meet later. Cassie is still worried. Then Leah appears and joins them at the table, telling Cassie how grateful she still is for Richard's sacrifice which saved Rick's life. Mel and Cassie are both moved and Leah walks away looking happy with herself.

Rick and Beth meet in a hotel room. She says that his dinner with Mel must not have gone well if he's with her already. She knows he's going to try and stop it, but he 'can't stop now.' They make love but are interrupted by a knock at the door. 'It's room service.' But neither of them ordered room service. When they answer the door half-clothed, cameras begin flashing and they hurry back inside. They wonder who could have set them up: Was it the Springfield Burns blogger or was it just blackmail? Beth accidentally lets slip that Jonathan has been blackmailing her and has proof about the affair. Rick panics and asks what he wants from them. Beth tries to assure him that he only wants help in dealing with Alan, but Rick doesn't trust Jonathan at all and says that eh will just confess everything to Mel. Beth isn't going to let this happen because it means Alan will find out and ruin everything for her. When Rick rushes off to find Mel, an alarmed Beth follows him. After he pushes Beth away, he finds Mel and sits down with her to confess but not before Beth can interrupt with Leah on her arm and then run off. Mel says Leah's story about Richard reminded her of how things were and that she just wants the three of them to spend some time together as a family. Rick decides that what he had to tell her can keep and the three of them go off together while a watching Beth breathes a sigh of relief.

Josh returns to pick the divorce papers up from Reva and is dismayed to find that she hasn't signed. His anger builds when he finds that she hasn't at all been 'simplifying' matters for them like she promised. She tells him she'll call him when she settles things and he blows up at her and Billy before leaving. Later, Reva has worn herself out with worry but Billy tells her he has some plans to help. She asks him just to stay with her and he lays down to comfort her. Meanwhile, an excited Cassie has gone to meet the not so 'newly minted' Josh who is noticeably aggravated. Cassie brushes all of the anxiety aside and they kiss.

While Dr. Baker is lurking down the street, he receives a call telling him that he will find Jonathan with Tammy in her room. The call is from Lizzie who is using a program to disguise her voice. The doctor doesn't hesitate and breaks through the door of Tammy's room to find Jonathan in the bed. He begins to flash photos, exclaiming 'I got you', but when Jonathan moves up, it is Lizzie who is revealed beneath, not Tammy.

Next on GL: Dr. Baker wants to know what Lizzie and Jonathan are doing in Tammy's bed. Reva can't get a divorce until she finds some money. The feud between Olivia and Ava escalates.

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