Moving On

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

A restraining order is issued against Alan. Reva moves on with Billy. Lillian and Beth decide to team up.

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Rick trying not to get caught

Beth drags Rick downstairs while he is still getting dressed. He has obviously spent the night with her under the pretension of looking after James. He's worried about getting caught by Mel, but Beth doesn't seem willing to let him go. Lillian enters, unsurprised to see them together and announces that she has a surprise for them: In walks Mel, proclaiming that 'this has gone on long enough' to the panicked, darting glances of Rick and Beth. It turns out that she is only there as Jonathan and Lizzie's attorney and has come to give a 'cease and desist' order to Alan and his doctor so the newlyweds can have a chance at happiness. Rick and Beth are noticeably relieved at this information but Rick tightens up again when Lillian invites Mel to stay for brunch.

Jonathan and Tammy are crawling out of bed reluctantly while he claims that he has to fly before the creepy doctor finds him. Tammy says that, since their relationship became all about 'stolen kisses', it has become as exciting as it was when they first got together. He says that she's a 'bad girl' and she says she had a good teacher. Meanwhile, Dr. Baker sneaks up on Lizzie while she's picking up breakfast. He asks her where her 'dog' (Jonathan) is and insists on taking her back to her room to check on things. When they arrive at the door, Lizzie tries to make excuses for why Jonathan might not be inside, but when they open the door they find him playing with the dog. The perturbed Dr. leaves and Lizzie progresses to convince Jonathan to come to brunch with her at the mansion.

At the movie theatre, Cassie is sitting through a festival of chick flicks when Tammy joins her. She asks Cassie if popcorn and movies can really help her forget how much she misses Josh. Cassie is baffled by Tammy's excitement over her affair with Jonathan and her hope that she and Josh will get together. While they speak, we see Dr. Baker a few seats away in the shadows listening in. When they leave the theatre, they part company and the Dr. is seen following close behind Tammy.

When Jonathan and Lizzie arrive for brunch, he immediately begins his verbal sparring with Alexandra and Lillian. He tells them how much he just wants to make Lizzie happy and Alexandra asks him how long he's been rehearsing. Mel excuses herself and Rick takes her aside to ask her to lunch. She says she's busy but can have dinner with him: 'Just dinner' she insists, and Rick smiles as she leaves. Just then, Jonathan offers a toast 'to couples everywhere: Especially all those no one approves of' and smirks at a quickly angered Beth who proceeds to take him into another room. She tells him that he better stop hinting at her relationship with Rick and he tells her that she'll have to do more than play happy families for him to keep her secret. Beth claims she only wants to be happy and she wants Rick kept safe. This surprises Jonathan, who didn't think she cared so much, but that doesn't matter to him; what he needs is for her to get Alan to keep the Dr. off his back. While they are about to continue their argument, Lizzie interrupts and he assures her that he and her mother are just beginning to see things eye to eye. Later, we find Jonathan drinking a beer with his feet on the coffee table only to be kicked off by Alexanadra. He goes on to tease them about the lack of passion in their lives and asks Lillian 'when was the last time you had your clothes ripped off?' Alexandra quizzes him on why he really married Lizzie, that even if, as he says, it was for the baby, he must have considered the advantages he would have by marrying into the Spaulding family. Jonathan answers by ironically insisting that his marriage is 'just as real as every other marriage in this family.' Once the newlyweds have left, Beth begins to tell Lillian to stop haranguing Lizzie for getting involved with a man who won't return her love. Lillian says she only wants Lizzie happy and there won't be a chance of that as long as Tammy is around. Beth lights up at this and suggests that they get rid of Tammy and end the trend of unsatisfied relationships among the Raines women.

As Jonathan and Lizzie arrive back at their room, she begins to tell him it's okay for him to run off and see Tammy, but then she abruptly changes her tune and acts like he is just trying to let her go. Jonathan is baffled for a moment but begins to play along when he realizes that cameras have been set up all around their room to spy on them.

A rough looking Josh is drinking tomato juice and raw eggs as he tries to figure out if he's still drunk. Reva arrives and they resume the broken conversation they've been carrying on for weeks. She tells him that 'change is good. Maybe that's always been our problem we never knew when to let go.' He tells her that he and Cassie aren't together anymore, but that it's none of her business; they aren't part of each other's lives now. She tells him he's right and she's only there to pick up some things because she's moving out. 'You're moving in with Billy aren't you?' he aks but it's not really a question anymore. He tells her she should have the house, but she insists that he keep it and find someone who will be able to love him. She wants him to find love, even if it is with Cassie. Just then, Billy arrives to help her pack and a visibly disturbed Josh tells them just to fax him a list of what she wants and he'll have it sent over.

A disappointed Reva sits in a restaurant with Billy wondering why Cassie and Josh haven't gotten back together. She explains that she hopes her death will bring them together in grief and that, from this, they can be happy again 'even though I'll hate them for it.' Billy then tells her that their moving in together doesn't have to be an act; he really has fallen in love with her 'if she hadn't noticed yet.' Reva tells him that she loves him too, but that it's not fair on him. He says that he will decide what is fair and now only cares about filling all of her days with happiness.

Cassie arrives at Josh's in a rush, brandishing press clippings and distractedly telling him that they'll have to find a way to work together even if they can't be together anymore. To her shock, he begins kissing her. She pulls away and tells him that she can't; that Reva will always come first for him and that won't, and shouldn't, change. He says that all of that can change and reveals that he had called his attorney that morning and is having divorce papers sent to Reva. Then he asks her to go and think about the fact that, by that time the next day, he will be free to be with her. With that, they embrace again.

Next on GL: Lizzie keeps cool while Jonathan and Tammy make out in public. Reva and Josh try to let go. Cassie makes up her mind.

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