Dinah and Mallet Cross a Line

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006

Mallet and Dinah have an 'anti-party' that might turn into a wedding. Jeffrey has an urgent problem.

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Mallet and Dinah

Harley wakes a highly hung-over Dinah and immediately begins to badger her about getting back with Mallet while she still has the chance. Once Dinah has gotten up, she sits down at her computer to write a letter to Mallet when he, rather angrily, strides in and shows her the photos of her drunken barroom performance as they appeared on the website. In a conflicted exchange, they grill one another about who they've been sleeping with before Mallet tries to get out of the argument by claiming that, even if she is sleeping with half of the town, it's none of his business anymore. Suddenly, they get simultaneous calls regarding the wedding reception and realize that they hadn't cancelled any of the preparations; the wedding is going ahead as planned, whether they like it or not. They try every sob story they can invent to get refunds on their arrangements but none of them pan out. Dinah finally declares that she is not going to listen to him whine all day and will just use the reception, which she helped to pay for, to celebrate her independence from him. Mallet says that she can't have the party without him there because he paid for the other half of it, so he'll be celebrating his independence from her.

Guests begin to file into the reception room baffled by the 'anti-party' for a wedding that isn't supposed to take place. Harley drags Dinah into a corner and continues to push her to get back with Mallet but she repeats, once again, that she won't be with a man who she can't trust. Just as she walks away from Harley, Blake appears to tell her that not marrying Mallet will be the biggest mistake of her life. Dinah says she just thinks that because she wants Jeffrey for herself. As the party progresses, the 'his' and 'her' guests carefully segregated on opposite ends of the room, Dinah and Mallet begin trying to arouse each other's jealousy by flirting with the waitstaff. This goes so far as Dinah suggestively dancing with one of the waiters until Mallet stops her and raises her over his shoulder before dropping her down again. As the couple continues to argue, the room darkens and a video montage of Dinah and Mallet's relationship starts to play on a big screen. At the end, everyone claps and the on-again-off- again couple stare at one another. He tells her that they had some good times and she agrees, realizing that their relationship really was something and they don't want to argue about it anymore. He leans into her and tells her that he suddenly has the 'freaky urge' to hear her say 'I do.'

Dinah goes out on the balcony to think over what Mallet has just proposed, but still isn't sure he meant it. He follows her and tells her that he does want to marry her right there and then, just as they'd planned. He tells her that he's been going crazy without her and that, whatever problems they have, they can only work them out together. They engage in a flirtatious litany, naming off all of the habits that annoy and endear them to each other until she finally agrees that she will marry him. They enter back into the reception room and announce the wedding will go ahead, an announcement met with a flurry of applause. Vanessa tells Dinah that she came prepared and calls Matt in with Dinah's dress. When she is helping Dinah get dressed, Dinah asks her if she arranged the video and she says 'of course'; she thinks that they're perfect together.

After Vanessa runs off to give the go ahead, and just as the music comes up for Dinah to head down the aisle, Jeffrey appears and tells her he needs her to do something. An annoyed Dinah tells him that she's busy at the moment and really can't be late for where she's going. Jeffrey says that she will have to be late; there's trouble and it has to be dealt with right now. He tells her that the agency is going after him. They have already sent their file on him to Alan-Michael and it's sitting on his desk waiting for him so, she will have to go to Alan-Michael's office while he's stuck at the wedding, and grab it. Meanwhile, at the altar, Mallet is getting nervous and tells Frank he is going off to look for Dinah. Once he gets in the hallway, he sees her disappear in the elevator with Jeffrey. Jeffrey continues to hound her and reminds her that if he gets caught, he will make sure that she goes to prison for her role in the fire. Dinah protests that she's innocent and didn't really do anything wrong, but he counters that no one will believe that, that 'the truth won't set you free: Only I can.' When the elevator door opens, Mallet is there waiting for her. She tells him that she has to run off and take care of something, but can't tell him what it is; he will just have to trust her. Mallet can't handle the threat of more secrets and demands to know what she's doing for Jeffrey. She is too afraid to tell him and, once he tells her that it will be over if she walks out the door, she leans into him, with tears running down her cheek, and kisses him before getting back in the elevator. Once the door has shut and she has vanished, Mallet tells Harley to go inside and send the minister home: The wedding is off.

Next we find Dinah, still in her wedding dress, rummaging through Alan-Michael's desk for the file when Alan-Michael appears right behind her. He questions her being there and uses the opportunity of her broken wedding party to make a few lewd suggestions before he tells her to go home. Back at the party, the guests have all left and Marina drags a dejected Mallet down to her car to share drinks and watch baseball. By that time, Dinah has gone to Jeffrey's room and hands over the file before breaking down and collapsing on the floor in tears. He tells her that he's sorry, whether she believes it or not, for the night, for their past and for the fact that their lives will likely be intertwined until they die. Dinah seems to believe that this is the truth and says that that she can't be alone; she needs him to be with her through the night. With that, he pulls her from the floor and lays her out on the bed as they kiss.

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