Alan-Michael Has a Surprise for Ava

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

Marina and Mallet hunt for the blogger. Dinah makes a mistake. Alan-Michael has an offer for Ava.

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Ava discovers Coop reading an article about Emma's poisoning. Information for the article, it turns out, was provided by Olivia. Coop wishes Buzz could control Olivia better and assures Ava that he knows what happened to Emma was just an accident. He walks her out and embraces her before she goes off to work, only to look down and discover his father's wallet on the ground. Coop tracks Buzz down at the hospital and apologizes for going off on Olivia like he has been but insists on defending Ava. Buzz tells him to stop apologizing so 'gratuitously' but shows concern for Ava's decision to work for Alan-Michael. Coop insists that 'Ava is playing Alan-Michael and not the other way around' but Buzz seems less convinced.

In the hallway outside Alan-Michael's suite, Mallet is questioning Marina's motives for focusing the attention of her investigation into the Springfield blogger on Alan-Michael. The maid leaves the suite and then exits, leaving the door open. Marina moves into the suite, saying that if Alan-Michael isn't an official suspect, they don't need a warrant to look around. Mallet reluctantly follows her in but continues to tease her for her obsession with Alan-Michael. She says that her belief that Alan-Michael is the blogger has nothing to with their previous relationship and that, if anything, she is just acting up because she is sexually frustrated. She tries to hack into the blogger's site to discover the address of the owner and she and Mallet continue to tease one another.

Tammy is out for dinner with Remy when one of her girlfriends spot her and asks her how she's taking Jonathan's marriage. Tammy tells her that this was an arrangement made with everyone's best interests in mind; a suggestion which elicits laughter from her friend who blurts out that 'marrying Jonathan is exactly what Lizzie has wanted all along.' Just then, Jonathan and Lizzie enter the restaurant with him still wondering where his phone is. When Lizzie sees Tammy, she tries to steer Jonathan out but to no avail; he spots her and drags Lizzie over to the table while he wonders why Remy is there. As Jonathan and Lizzie settle in, he begins whispering to Tammy to run off with him, but she tells him he'll have to settle on dancing for the moment. Just then, Dr. Baker (the psychiatrist hired by Alan to watch Lizzie) approaches the group and begins to grill them on their honeymoon. He invites himself to sit down and says that they'll be seeing a lot of him in the near-future. With this, Remy and Tammy get up to dance and Lizzie and Jonathan follow just to get away from the Dr.. Once the couples have stopped dancing, seeing that the Dr. still hasn't left, Tammy and Remy depart while the Dr. offers to buy Lizzie and Jonathan champagne. Jonathan sits down and orders a $2000 bottle after the Dr. assures them that he will be following them home. While he tries to talk to them, Jonathan and Lizzie play up with saccharine banter and, making kissy-faces, run off leaving the Dr. with the bill.

Harley and Jeffrey are at Outskirts watching Dinah who is there to get donations from some men for Jeffrey's campaign. They watch her getting increasingly drunk and Harley grows more concerned as her behavior becomes rowdier. Harley tries to get Dinah to stop drinking and tells her that what she really ought to be doing is getting back with Mallet. But Dinah says she couldn't be with a man who, not only broke her heart, but was making surveillance reports on her. She doesn't think that Mallet cares about her at all because he's a man and all men are pigs. Just to prove it, she drunkenly climbs onto one of the barroom tables and begins to dance while the men in the bar make cat calls at her. Harley jumps up after her to get her to stop and Dinah knocks them both to the ground. Later, Dinah is woken by Harley who gives her a cup of coffee and returns to the theme of Mallet once again. She tells Dinah that she is only being self-centered and doesn't want to have to deal with someone who really cares about her. Dinah 'has to admit that she needs Mallet as much as he needs her.' Dinah finally admits that Harley is right, but says that it doesn't matter because it's too late.

While Alan-Michael and Ava are working in his office, he asks her if she's wearing the same clothes she had on yesterday. She is dismayed and slightly embarrassed about his concern for her appearance, but he insists he simply wants her to look good so she'll represent the company well. With this remark, he ushers in a rack of designer clothes and asks her to pick out a new wardrobe. Ava is skeptical about the offer and seems very hesitant. To reassure her, he tells her that he is just trying to help her out because he feels bad about everything that's happened with Emma. Then he starts to tease her and asks her to model a 'little number' that he hands her, but she tosses it over his head. The next time that Coop and Buzz see Ava however, she is in a new outfit with an entire wardrobe spread over the table. While she embraces Coop, Buzz gives him a weary and knowing look.

When Remy takes Tammy back to her room he says he has to tell her something. She saves him the trouble and says that he knows he thinks she is making a mistake and can do better, but he's wrong; this is what she wants. At the same moment, Jonathan and Lizzie arrive in their room while she enthusiastically recounts how well he dealt with Dr. Baker. All Jonathan can think of however, is Tammy, and when he spots his phone on the table, he wonders how different the night could have been. Lizzie is relieved for a moment because she thinks that he won't go after Tammy at this point, but he surprises her by telling her that the Dr. will be held up for awhile because he stole the Dr.'s wallet and it's hard to settle a $2000 bill with no money. But, when she returns from the bathroom to find Jonathan already gone, she is not at all impressed. By then, Jonathan and Tammy are already together in bed.

In the final moments, Marina checks into the site, to see if she can track down another lead on the blogger, only to find images of a drunken Dinah dancing on the table there. She tries to hide them from Mallet, but this fails and disappointment fills his face.

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