Jonathan and Lizzie's Honeymoon

Monday, September 11th, 2006

Beth discovers what has been happening with Lizzie. Josh is upset by Reva's recent behavior. Remy has a proposition for Tammy.

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Beth discover's Lizzie's secret

At the hospital, Beth surprises Rick who hasn't seen her for days. She is eager to find out how Lizzie's hearing went and is appalled when Rick relates to her Jonathan's abrupt proposal and their speedy marriage. Beth tells him that she can't believe that Lizzie married 'that mess' but Rick reminds her that she wasn't exactly helpful in protecting her from Allan. This, she admits, she feels guilty about and wants to change her relationship with her daughter. Next, we encounter Jonathan and Lizzie in their honeymoon suite. She is writing in her diary while he calls Tammy (who's having lunch with Cassie). Since they suspect Alan may have had the phones bugged, they speak in code but manage to explicitly spell out how much they need one another. They make arrangements to rendezvous later at her call. Cassie tells Tammy that she is making a mistake, but Tammy insists she is doing all of this only to help Jonathan and the baby.

In the meantime, an irate Beth has called Lizzie to the mansion. Lizzie offers to go alone but Jonathon insists on accompanying her to keep up the act. Lizzie notices that he leaves his phone on the table and doesn't remind him to grab it, foiling his chance to hook up with Tammy as a consequence. At the mansion, Lizzie goes off to look for Beth, which leaves Jonathan alone for Beth to find. She tears into him quick and tells him that she would have stopped the wedding if she'd had the chance and is already looking for ways to have the marriage annulled. Jonathon reminds her that all of her threats are pointless because of the photos he has that expose her affair with Dr. Rick.

At the lighthouse, Josh is with Reva when she awakes after collapsing. He insists on taking her to the hospital to find out what's wrong with her. When he gets her to the hospital, he practically forces her into the cubicle to be examined by Dr. Rick. At that moment Billy appears and tells Josh it's time for him to leave. 'She doesn't need both of us,' he tells his little brother. Josh doesn't take this well and demands to know why Billy is so concerned to keep him away but Billy insists that he is only trying to help her. He explains that Reva feels guilty for choosing him over Josh and she doesn't want to face him right now. Josh goes outside only to be found by Cassie. He is livid at the thought of Billy and Reva together and the way they are treating him but, as he begins to rant, Cassie stops him. She tells him that she doesn't want to hear about it and can't be what she was to him anymore; they need space. Josh can't accept this and reminds her that they had always been good friends in the past and, even if they weren't going to have sex anymore, they still needed their friendship.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Rick can't find anything wrong with Reva but low blood pressure. Billy says they're just hung over from drinking and tells him that they're a couple now. Rick doesn't show any interest and shrugs away. Reva is upset however, when having to lie about having an affair with Billy and asks him to find Josh and make sure that he's alright. An uncomfortable Billy agrees.

At the mansion, Lizzie interrupts Beth and Jonathan's argument and says that she wants to talk to her daughter alone. Jonathan obliges and, within moments of Lizzie demanding to know why her mother wasn't there to defend her at the hearing, her nana comes in and tells Beth that the real reason Lizzie married Jonathan was that she is actually in love with him. This revelation is even more awful for Beth who berates Lizzie for never thinking before acting. Lizzie defends herself by saying that, even though Jonathan only married her for the sake of the baby, he still might fall in love with her. Furthermore, Beth has never really been there for her and she's always had to look out for herself. To Lizzie's surprise, Beth agrees with this and expresses regret, saying that, although she doesn't approve of Lizzie's decision, she'll try her best to help her and gain her trust again. They embrace. Just then, Jonathan returns and Beth stares daggers at him. When they are leaving, Lizzie asks him if Tammy called and Jonathan realizes he doesn't have his phone.

During this time, Tammy has been in the room where she was set to meet Jonathan. She excitedly answers a knock at the door only to discover it is Remy. He says that he has the whole plan between her and Jonathan and Lizzie sorted out and that, for the plan to look convincing, she has to make it appear like she's moved on. He suggests that she should go out with him. Tammy is a bit shocked by this proposal and, though she wonders what his real motivations might be, agrees to go along with it 'for appearances.' As they leave, we see Jonathan trying to call her but getting no response.

Meanwhile, Josh has been drinking heavily at Outskirts. Gary, one of the waiters, calls Reva to tell him Josh is causing trouble. Reva is about to go after him when she spots Cassie and decides that she should send her instead. Josh starts a fight with one of the other bar patrons and, just as a punch knocks him to the floor, Cassie finds him and tells him she's taking him home. Billy calls Reva and she tells him to stop looking for Josh, she's taken care of it but, 'doing the right thing, doesn't feel right.'

Next on GL: Mallet is questioning why Alan-Michael is the object of so much suspicion, Lizzie and Jonathan continue to put on a show for the town, Alan-Michael may have another victim.

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