Reva Has a Revelation

Thursday, September 7th, 2006

Hitting her head at the lighthouse, Reva sees Springfield in a very different light.

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Reva tells Billy that a part of her feels like she's already gone and wish she was a ghost to see what will become of her friends and family. Billy takes her to the lighthouse to talk things out. Reva becomes tremendously sentimental and realizes how she's wasted her time in many ways. All the heartache and pain people cause each other.

A tour interrupts their moment as the guide discusses the history of the lighthouse.

Billy leaves her to sit alone and think at the lighthouse. She faints and hits her head. Waking up, she sees Buzz above her and he asks why she keeps calling him Buzz? He also wonders why she's on his property?

Frank shows her around Springfield and sees Alan Spaulding working in the restaurant. Frank tells her to come in and get a cool drink because she must be hallucinating. Reva laughs incredulously at seeing Alexandra in a pink waitress outfit. Frank suggests coffee and pie.

She keeps laughing asking Frank how he set all this up? He asks her what she's talking about thinking she's really knocked the brains out of her head?! In walks Alan-Michael in a police uniform.

Scene changes to the mansion of the Cooper Family. Frank pours himself a drink when in walks the rest of the Cooper clan. Reva having an incredibly hard time believing what she's seeing, smiles at Frank Jr. wondering what's really going on? In walks Harley offering her money to leave after thinking she set herself up for an injury claim.

Scene changes once again with Reva in the hospital being treated by Lizzie the nurse. Reva keeps asking if she's alive? Lizzie smiles and tells her of course she is!

Dr. Jonathan approaches asking what happened and how she fell? She explains that it might be her cancer but Jonathan tells her she's very healthy! She starts laughing once again discovering that she not only is healthy but has a long life ahead of her. She offers to take Jonathan and Lizzie out for a beer realizing they're married and expecting.

Jonathan excuses himself and heads out the door to find a badass Tammy pulling up on a motorcycle in boots with 8" heels. He tells her that people can see them as she plants a huge kiss on him. Reva watches on as they talk about their affair and Lizzie.

Tammy offers to take Reva for a ride and a joyous Reva jumps at the chance. She's taken to the bar as Reva meets up with Remi dressed as a rap punk. Rick Bauer bumps into her dressed as a homeless guy. He then knocks over a very drunk Josh who starts to fight with Rick. Reva gets in between them asking what he's doing? Josh tells her to take a hike not wanting to talk to the wonderful heiress and wonders why she's even talking to him. She tries to apologize to him and he asks why on earth would she apologize for anything?

In walks a rough around the edges Cassie who takes Josh home. Jeffrey pours her a drink and asks if he knows her? She asks him for advice wondering if life turns the opposite way, what would he do? He tells her to go with the flow to see what life has to offer her. A very hippie Dinah runs in looking for Reva's help to save the lighthouse.

Josh tells Reva that he's sold the land. He's furious and yells that Cassie and him are leaving town. He ostracizes her for not being there for him. She tells him that she knows him better than anyone else. Reva tries to get him to realize that his family, friends and everyone is around here, leaving isn't the answer.

Back at the lighthouse, Billy asks if she saw Josh. Reva replies that she did but it was no use, he looks everywhere but within himself for the answers.

In run "the communal" group telling them the wrecking ball is here and ready to take the lighthouse down. They start chaining themselves up together to stop the lighthouse from coming down.

Reva continues talking with Billy, telling him that she's healthy and doesn't have cancer any longer. Answers in life come down to one thing love she says to Billy.

Reva tells them to relax because Buzz Cooper would never bulldoze the lighthouse with all of them attached to it. Jeffrey looks at Reva weird and asks Buzz? She tells him she meant Frank. In walks Josh telling them all that he's changed his mind and is keeping the property.

Standing together after everyone left, Reva thanks him for doing the right thing. Josh tells her he knows she's crazy about him. She replies that wherever she goes, she'll always love him.

Waking up from the injury she finds Josh standing over her asking what's really wrong with her and if she's sick?


Josh refuses to walk away until he gets the answers from Reva. Beth is confused about Lizzie and Jonathan getting married.

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