Jonathan Marries Lizzie

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

Jonathan and Lizzie wed with Tammy as their bridesmaid. Alan warns Jonathan that he'll eventually catch him and Tammy together. Alan places a guard outside Lizzie & Jonathan's room.

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Jonathan kisses his bride - Lizzie.

Alone in her room Lizzie talks to her dog saying today is the day that they all become a real family. She tells herself that sometimes things happen for a reason.

Tammy has a dream sequence where she's the one walking down the aisle but at the last minute Lizzie grabs Jonathan's hand and he smiles at Lizzie ignoring Tammy standing behind. Jolting her self awake, Jonathan asks if she's ok. She gets out of bed and hands him a box with his "wedding ring" for his nuptials to Lizzie that day telling him to remember who he really loves. He assures her and kisses her all over. Tammy tells him she wishes he could stay forever but they have to get ready for the wedding. Lizzie storms in on them, catching them half dressed. Jonathan asks her if she's ok with all of this, reminding her that this entire thing is an act. Lizzie asks Tammy to be in their wedding party and gives her the rings to hold. Tammy takes off her own engagement ring, saying she shouldn't be wearing it any longer. Jonathan puts the ring on the chain and places it around Tammy's neck telling her that they'll have their moment one day.

Later that day, Lizzie's dress arrives and Tammy signs for it. She brings it into the room and takes out the veil. Alan walks up behind her and tells her what a shame it isn't hers. He tells her she must be very selfless and remarkable. Alan goes after her insecurities reminding her about the bond of parents when their baby arrives, that's giving him the greatest gift of his life. Something Tammy can't give him his first born child. Alan tells her if she's right, it'll be something they have to celebrate and consummate. He walks out as a shocked Tammy looks on.

At the bar, Reva talks with Jonathan and he tells her what's going on. Reva sighs, telling him to be very careful. He calls her wise and she says she's done it once or twice. Answering smartly he tells her she bet she has.

Jonathan approaches Alan telling him he's come to pick up a few things for their honeymoon. Alan tells him how thoughtful. Jonathan suggests they share a cigar prior to the wedding since they're about to be family and all. Alan tells him to smile all he wants but he's a walking dead man. Jonathan assures him that he's never been happier. Alan warns him that he'll eventually catch him and Tammy together. Jonathan smiles telling Alan he won't catch anything because he'll have Lizzie at home and she's CRAZY. In bed. He tells Alan he looks forward to seeing him at the wedding.

Alan walks up to Lizzie and tells that someone has to walk her down the isle. After thinking for a few moments, Lizzie tells him she'd be delighted if he'd do that. As Alan walks Lizzie down the isle she smiles at Jonathan telling him he can't stop the wedding. Tammy looks on as the maid of honor trying to hide her anguish.

Jonathan and Lizzie state their vows to each other as Jonathan tries not to look at Tammy while he says them. The minister carries them through the remaining vows as they exchange rings that Tammy hands to them. Alan looks on, glaring at the two of them as Jonathan kisses his bride. Tammy storms out after watching them kiss passionately.

Jonathan realizes Tammy is missing and goes to find her. He finds her and they share a quick moment together but Tammy stops kissing him because she's afraid they'll get caught. Jonathan assures Tammy that Alan can try anything he wants but nothing is going to keep him from being with her. Alexandra walks in on them kissing and Tammy explains she was just congratulating Jonathan and the beautiful ceremony but Alexandra obviously doesn't buy it.

Alan approaches Lizzie asking where her man and she tells him he's in the washroom. Jonathan returns to be with Lizzie as they cut the cake, dance and take pictures of their big day. When Lizzie throws her bouquet, it lands right in Tammy's hands very unexpectedly. Moments later, Jonathan realizes Tammy is once again MIA but Lizzie pulls him back to be with her.

Afterward Jonathan carries Lizzie up to their room and he quickly undresses to change. He asks her if she'll be fine alone because he's going to meet up with Tammy. Lizzie hides her disappointment as he leaves the room. Opening the door, Alan steps in front of him asking where he's headed? Jonathan recovers quickly, telling him he's getting some ice and shuts the door in his face.

Alan tells his guy to stay in the hallway and not go anywhere. Back in the room, Jonathan freaks as he tells her they're basically being held hostage by Alan's goon. Lizzie pours them a drink and attempts to calm him. Meanwhile, Tammy waits patiently back at the bar for Jonathan to come find her.

Back at the room, Lizzie falls asleep while Jonathan drinks himself into a stupor.


Reva has a dream sequence imagining she's a ghost returning to see how life has worked out for everyone years after she's gone. It's not even close to what she hoped for.

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