Reva Discovers the Truth!

Monday, August 7th, 2006

Reva discovers the truth about Josh and her sister Cassie. Lizzie continues to scheme for more attention from Jonathan. Coop confronts Buzz about Olivia.

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Alan looks at Tammy thanking her for the present in his suitcase, telling her leaving a meat cleaver in it was hardly a joke. Especially when airport security stopped him. Tammy shakes her head telling him she doesn't know what he's talking about.

Alan grabs Tammy and attacks her. Throwing her agains the wall, he tells her not to mess with him. Desperately trying to hold her composure, she slips under his arms telling him she knows he'll never relly hurt her.

Entering the bar, Alan throws her money saying he'll get the drinks. Tammy snidely reminds him it's HER bar so it's ON ME.

Alan goes on to tell Tammy how he deeply admires her courage. He knows how things will end up with Lizzie. ...Elizabeth will wear out her welcome as she always does... he reminds Tammy.

But Tammy snaps at Alan to give it a rest, insisting on defending the scheming little Lizze, telling him the selfish Lizzie we all know is gone. Alan laughs and continues to remind Tammy how Lizzie holds all the pieces right now and it will just get worse when the baby is finally here. He discusses about the amazing bond between parent and child. How Lizzie will control all the holidays and much of his spare time getting him to be with his daughter. At the doctors, dentists, school trips, Alan smugly tells Tammy how Jonathan will pull further away from her.

Tammy insists that a close intimate bond between Jonathan and his daughter is what she wants for him.

Jonathan then storms in yelling at Alan to get the hell away from her! After getting Alan out of the bar, Tammy snuggles up to Jonathan reminding him that they have everything they want and need!

Cassie chides Josh for buying her flowers ...if they're too expensive.... But Josh scoffs at the comment saying nothing is too expensive when it's not expected. As Cassie takes the flowers, she strokes Josh's hand. They flirt back and forth as Reva looks on wondering what's going on between the two. Confused, Reva ducks into the background trying to sort out what she thought she just saw between her husband and sister. Still not wanting to admit it, she continues to look on as Josh pulls Cassie into a Greek dance circle shouting how they sure make a great pair! Reva hides once again, determining that it can't be all in her head. Whispering to herself how it's too much for her to deal with, it can't be happening she tries to tell herself over and over. Josh and Cassie are not at the fair for business. They met up to have fun. A wore down beaten Reva swears on revenge. Calling Billy she demands answers and tells him the best thing about a dying person is that they cannot be held responsible for their actions and hangs up. But Billy rushes down to the fair and finds Reva. Billy encourages Reva to leave with him.

Back in Reva's room she discusses the possibility of Josh and Cassie asking Billy if he knew about this. Billy hesitates, not knowing what to say or how to say it. She screams at him for dragging her back here to see this and to find out this way about her own husband and sister. Reva picks up whatever is loose in the room and starts throwing it as Billy ducks trying all the while to calm her down. Yelling that she must have died and is now in Hell. But Billy gets ahold of her and yells back telling Reva how they both know who's at fault for this. Chiding Reva that she did this, not anyone else!

Billy's comment seems to break Reva into despair and pity. Reva begins to tell him how she knows, she knows leaving Josh wasn't the best thing. But in her mind she was trying to protect everyone from the treatments, the sickness, the chemo. Starting to cry and laugh hysterically, Reva goes on and on how she did this for Josh. How leaving him would give him the opportunity to make a difference with his business! Still wallowing in self pity, Reva justifies her decision by saying she sacrificed it all for Josh but Josh didn't focus on his business, he focused on Cassie. Wild eyed, Reva turns to Billy asking him if it was the last day of his life, what would he do?? Nervous, Billy questions her motives... but Reva assures him that she's going to see her kids and only her kids but that she won't see Josh right now because she wouldn't be responsible for what she did to him if she saw him.

Back at the fair, Buzz questions Coop about dating Lizzie. But that's not why Coop came to talk with his dad. He first tells Buzz how he felt so close to him trying to rescue people from the fire, how proud he felt that they did this together. Buzz agrees.
But then Coop changes his tone with Buzz and starts questioning the fire and explaining what Ava said happened. How Olivia saw her under the beam but still walked away leaving her to die in the fire. Buzz scoffs at the thought, denying it. But Coop angrily insists this is what happened.

Still back at their house, Jonathan laughs at Lizzie. I'm on to you he tells her. I know what you're doing. She rolls her eyes, I'm going to be late for my appointment. Jonathan shakes his head, don't lie Lizzie, he scolds. You knew all along about your appointment and wanted me to be late to see Tammy.

In the hospital, Lizzie approaches the nurse who has her chart. She asks if the nurse can change the fathers name to Jonathan Randall please. As the nurse rolls her eyes and scratches out Coops name, Lizzie goes on explaining how things sometimes get confused and all. Nurse just walks away. Then Lizzie plots how to get Jonathan to the hospital, calls someone on her cell phone for help.

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