Court Battle Continues Against Lizzie

Tuesday, September 5th, 2006

Reva tells Billy never to tell Josh about her cancer. Jonathan makes a shocking statement in court at Lizzie's trial. Tammy breaks down.

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The plaintiff hands Tammy the notes from the nurses on the stand. Tammy tries to explain that Lizzie was just very upset when she said that and wants to explain. The lawyer states that she was unstable then? Tammy tries and Mel objects. The lawyer withdraws the question. Mel asks for a short recess to review this deposition from the nurses that overheard the conversation.

Lizzie is furious at Tammy asking why she didn't lie for her? She storms out of the courtroom crying and Alexandra tries to comfort her.

Tammy turns to Jonathan to talk when Cassie walks in. She tries to explain to her mom that she's just trying to help and did everything wrong.

Alexandra walks in and sits with Alan asking what she missed. Alan states "victory"!

Jonathan talks with Mel and she confides that this story is true, these nurses are very credible. She tells Tammy to stay calm because the judge is watching. Alan walks out handing the doctor an envelope. Jonathan glares at the doctor and tells him if the elevator isn't here in a second, he's going to personally throw him down the stairwell.

Alexandra tells Alan she saw him payoff the doctor and assures him that he's very lucky it wasn't her that shot him because she would have used real bullets. Alan tells her to be careful with the threats because look at the position Lizzie is in.

They re-enter the courtroom and the lawyer for Alan continues, trying to make Lizzie's living arrangement look terrible. Mel approaches the bench explaining that although Lizzie is an unwed mother, her family isn't there for her either. Jonathan interrupts and asks to talk to the Judge. Jonathan explains that initially he didn't want the child as it resulted from a one night stand. He wanted to walk away but things have changed and he's going to be a dad and wants to do the best he can. Regarding Lizzie, he tells the judge that she's stepped up and is going to be a good mom. He goes on about Alan's history and how his children are all screwed up. The judge tells him to get with it. He looks at Lizzie asks her to marry him? Lizzie, laughing hysterically jumps into his arms screaming YES I'LL MARRY YOU! Tammy being comforted by Cassie, tries to look supportive and understanding.

A shocked and stunned Alan looks on and yells at the judge that this is just another stunt. The judge tells him to have a seat and talks with Jonathan. He assures the judge that he will protect his child and Lizzie as well. The judge tells Jonathan that if this proposal is NOT legitimate, he will not be happy. Jonathan tells him he's very serious asking the judge to marry them tomorrow.

The judge is not convinced but Tammy speaks up asking to talk. She tries to explain that she knows Jonathan and if he's asked Lizzie to marry him, he's very serious. Tammy continues, that she's seen the connection grow between the two of them since Lizzie has been pregnant. The Judge tells her that Tammy makes a good argument and states that at this time, Lizzie and the baby's best interest is with her husband to be and not locked up somewhere. However, he continues, if he finds that this marriage is a farce, there will be very serious consequences and wishes everyone good luck.

Alan tries to talk with the judge but he's ignored. Jonathan and Lizzie thank Tammy who runs out into the hall crying. Cassie goes to comfort her.

Alan approaches Jonathan and warns them both that it's not going to work. He's going to have them followed 24 hours a day to prove this is just a joke. Jonathan snaps back to knock himself out and tells him they have a wedding to plan.

Reva talks with Billy at the graveyard. He tries to understand why she doesn't want Josh to know about Reva's cancer. She explains she wants them to be happy, for Josh to be happy.

Vanessa runs into Josh and Cassie and he's quite surprised to see her. She asks what's going on with Reva? He replies that it's not good and doesn't want to talk. Josh confides to her about the difficulties of marriage in general and asks her how she's dealt with things in the past.

Reva talks with Josh asking how things were in NY and congratulates him once again on his award. He tries to get her to come clean but she just avoids answering and tries to talk about Cassie. He insists on getting an answer from her about why she walked away months ago telling her he needs to know. She tells him she was trying to protect him and talks about their divorce papers and stuff. Josh tells her he knows it was something else and asks if it was Billy and if she ran off with him?

Reva laughs and at first tries to tell him that it wasn't the case but realizes it's a good cover story and agrees, telling him in so many words that it was because of Billy. Josh asks her to spare him the details but still asks her to come clean. Reva hesitantly smiles at him stating yes, Billy and her are having an affair. She sighs that it's a relief to have everything out in the open and now him and Cassie can go on. Josh tells her that him and Cassie are not together but doesn't want to talk to her about it and walks away.

Back at Billy's room, Reva talks with him explaining that she came up with something else. That Josh actually asked her and she just went with it and explains to Billy that he's going to laugh when she tells him. Reva hesitantly admits that she told Josh they are having an affair. He jokingly asks if they can now start sleeping together and Reva laughs in relief!

Billy walks into the bar and meets up with Vanessa. She hugs him telling him it's good to see him. He asks if she's down visiting Dinah and she replies that yes, she is here to see Dinah. She tells him he looks like he's had a very bad day and asks him to unload. He doesn't want to burden her with his problems but starts to open up. He talks about his problem without divulging who this woman is. Billy continues, talking about feeling like he's letting this woman down. Vanessa tries to comfort him and explain that during "their" marriage, he was a good husband in many ways. She tells him to be careful and make the right decisions because he obviously has feelings for this woman.


Tammy's heart is torn out by Jonathan's decision and hands him back the engagement ring. Reva tries to push Josh and Cassie closer together.

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