You're Smothering Me

Friday, June 8th, 2007

Natalia tells Gus the truth, Reva kidnaps Lizzie, Beth tries to escape the over-protective Alan, Rick and Mel try to be friends.

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At juvie, in a tense moment, Gus levels his gun on Rafe as he holds a gun on the guard. Harley runs in and shout out that Rafe is his son. Rafe is so shocked that he lets the guard grab the gun from his hands. Gus stands frozen with a dumbfounded look on his face. Rafe is dragged away with a fierce glare in his eyes. Harley approaches Gus but he moves away from her, unable to think of anything to say. Eventually he starts repeating quietly: 'I have a son, I have a son?' How could Natalia not have told him this before? he wonders. Harley puts her arm around him and explains how she found out. Natalia walks in, seeing them there, she worries about how confused Rafe must be. In a panic, she wants to find him, but Gus needs to hear the truth from her mouth first. 'How could you keep my son from me?' She would have told him but she didn't know where he was or what to do. 'If I had known, I wouldn't have left. I would have married you and stayed for you and our child,' he says as Harley looks on uncomfortably. She raised him all alone and did the best she could, but he's had a lot to deal with. Gus wishes that he'd been there. 'What's done is done,' she says. Harley offers to leave them alone and kisses Gus goodbye. Natalia explains that she only came because she wanted to see what his life was like and, when she saw that he was happy with Harley, she didn't want to ruin that. He asks about his son, how old he is, does he like baseball? She gives him a few details and promises to show him all of his report cards and pictures eventually. From her purse, she pulls out a photo of Rafe when he was a day old. She gave him 'Joseph' as a middle name, in honor of Gus' father. He is still in shock about all of this. Sitting down, he imagines that Rafe must hate him. Natalia hopes that Gus doesn't hate her. 'I could never hate you,' he says, embracing her. Tears fill her eyes as he walks into the corridor with the photo, pausing for a moment before he goes on.


At the mansion, Beth starts calling her daughter, concerned that she seems to have disappeared. Alan walks in and Beth kicks her bag under the sofa. He tells her that he wishes she would consult with him before having lunch with Lizzie; he wants to spend as much time with her as possible. She tells him that it's nice that he's spending so much time with her, but he shouldn't be neglecting work. He needs to know where she is having lunch because he will pick her up after to take her on a tour of boarding schools. Baffled by this excessive degree of forethought, Beth tells him that she needs time alone with her daughter. He reluctantly agrees and she walks him out the door, then returns to worry about Lizzie's whereabouts.

Down by the water, Lizzie is thanking Reva for being so supportive, but, when she turns her back, Reva chloroforms her, knocking her out. After apologizing to the unconscious girl, she calls Jonathan and tells him that she's done what he asked. As Lizzie's phone rings, Reva pulls it out of her purse and throws it in the water. She nervously begins to talk to herself and list off all of the things that worry her. She then promises Lizzie that they'll have some fun when they're finished with this 'errand'. Eventually an anonymous man comes and takes the unconscious Lizzie away while Reva sends a message to Jonathan that she will be along.

In juvie, Ashlee and Daisy are cleaning up their room. Daisy starts teasing her for kissing Coop and Ashlee teases her for her relationship with 'vent boy.' They hear a commotion outside and move toward the door but a guard shuts them in. Later, Rafe comes to the vent and tells Daisy that he has bad news. She promises him that things could be worse. The only good thing about this place for him is her. The guard soon arrives and tells Rafe that he'll soon be looking at a real jail cell. He takes him away. Harley arrives to say goodbye. They hug and then sit down. Harley promises her daughter that she and Gus always get through their problems, but gives no further explanation. Meanwhile, Rafe has been sent down to a holding cell. Gus walks in and their eyes meet.


At Company, Leah is showing off the new phone that Rick bought her. She wonders where her new little sister is going to live. Mel says that depends on what happens between Beth and Alan. Leah thinks that they should do something special for Father's Day and begs her parents to let her borrow a credit card to buy her father some decent clothes. As she giddily strolls off with card in hand, Mel tells Rick to stop spoiling their daughter. She asks about Beth. There is nothing between he and Beth, Rick asserts; the real problem is Alan. Mel is sure that he can win against Alan if he fights dirty. 'Are you prepared to fight dirty Rick?' Alan asks, barging in on the conversation. 'You impregnate my wife and then I find you sitting down with the woman whose heart you broke,' Alan taunts as he sits down across from them. Mel defends herself; she and Rick will always be together for their daughter. Alan continues to taunt Rick and his various bastard children. Mel won't let Rick to rise to this and takes him away. Reva walks in and Mel warns her about the 'stink' in there as they walk out. Walking over to Alan's table, Reva pours his coffee onto his lap and begins loudly attacking him for writing a check to the cancer society that bounced. He can't understand and she doesn't stick around to explain, taking a quick bow and flying out the door.


On Main Street, Leah runs into Beth and tells her that she had better let her father see his baby. Beth claims that she wouldn't try and keep them apart and tries to explain herself. Leah doesn't need any explanations; she knows that Beth wants Alan for his money and Rick for ...other things. No matter how hard she tries, she'll never be as good a parent as Rick is though. When Beth goes home, Alan tracks her down; he's been following her. Beth is starting to feel like a prisoner. Alan's sorry that she feels 'smothered', but he only wants what's best for her. She reiterates that she needs space, she even thought of taking up painting again, but that would require him giving her time to herself. 'You're frustrated with Elisabeth and your taking it out on me,' Alan surmises, incorrectly. Beth shakes her head. Alan discovers her packed bag and asks her what's going on. She explains that she is going to visit Mindy in Paris. Alan assumes that Lizzie was supposed to drive her but thought better of it and brought her and the baby home to him. He hugs her close, the discomfort clear on her face. Meanwhile, Rick and Mel sit down on Main Street. They're glad that they can be friends for the sake of their daughter. Mel reminds him that if he's fighting Alan, he better be ready to let all of the skeletons in his closet come out. Alan has even more skeletons, Rick reminds her. She smiles, and tells him that he better be ready to fight Beth too.

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