Classic Joshua

Monday, May 21st, 2007

Cassie changes the results, Alan is still certain that he will win, Cyrus taunts Marina once too often, Josh decides which direction to take in his life.

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At CO2, Marina takes out her phone to check her voice mail. She's sad that she hasn't gotten any but tries to tell herself that it's really a good thing. Suddenly, Cyrus grabs her and pulls her aside. She smacks him in the face and walks away. After she buys a movie ticket, he asks her why she won't even let him say 'hi'. She reminds him that he is a fugitive and she should be tackling him right now. He won't let her catch him unless he wants her to, he says. When he wanders away, she wanders after. He explains that he got a job as Alexandra's chauffeur. Marina's gobsmacked for a moment before she accuses him of setting Alex up as his next mark. He insists that it's not the case. 'Maybe you just like me more than the law,' he suggests after pointing out that she's already given up two chances to arrest him today. Alex arrives and Marina asks her how well she really know her new hire. Cyrus has a nervous moment. 'He's punctual, he's a fantastic driver and, dare I say, he's rather easy on the yes,' Alexandra says, and that's all she cares about. She tells him to meet her in a few minutes and sashays off. Marina reminds him again that she is a cop, but these are 'only words' Cyrus states as he walks off. Moments later, Marina and a cop arrive to arrest him. They cuff him and take him away, leaving Alex breathless and confused.


At juvenile hall. Josh runs into Reva in the corridor. She's come to see Daisy; he doesn't know why he's there. Reva assumes that he's there to see Ashlee, but he explains that he's really there to see Rafe, the boy that mugged and cut him. 'Classic Joshua,' she says. Things are different this time, however. He tries to explain that he hasn't been able to stop thinking about what Reverend Rutledge said to him about shedding light on the world. He doesn't know what to do. Showing Reva the guest sheet, she sees that he wrote down member of the clergy. 'You've always acted like you thought you were a saint,' she jokes. She drags him to Company so that they can meet with a prospective donor to the cancer foundation. Reverend Rutledge walks out and greets them. Josh explains what happened to him today and the Reverend chuckles before asking Josh if he's really considering becoming a member of the church. Josh tries to backpedal and fumble for an explanation, but the Reverend states that he thinks Josh would be a fine minister. Reva gets a concerned look on her face and wonders if this means that he'll have to live in a monastery and swear off women. Josh asks for a few minutes alone with the Reverend. Bewildered, Reva walks away. Josh sits down with Rutledge and confesses his infidelity: He knows that he can't not tell Cassie the truth and be the person he wants to be. Rutledge tells him that he can't run to the church to ease his guilt, but if the truth will ease his conscience and clear the way for him, then he should do it.


At Cedars, after sneaking into the DNA lab, Cassie looks into the paternity results. She can see that Alan is really the father of Beth's baby. After hesitating to change the results, Tammy comes to her and tells her that Alan deserves to lose this baby. Her mother needs to get justice for her. That's enough to decide things for Cassie. She changes the father's name to read: Rick Bauer. Once the deed is done, she starts to have second thoughts, but immediately begins convincing herself that this is the right thing to do. Hearing someone coming, she hides away. A lab tech then arrives and gets the results. Meanwhile, Beth and Alan pace around while waiting for the paternity test results. Tired of waiting, Alan stomps out and finds Rick, pressuring him to hurry things up. They return to Beth's side with tea. Alexandra arrives next with congratulations for the tense couple. The lab technician comes in with the results and announces that Rick is the father. Beth's jaw drops, Alan tries to conceal his disgust and Cassie smirks as she watches through the glass. Alan crumples the paper and declares that this is nothing. 'So much for the Spaulding dynasty,' Alexandra declares before telling Alan to leave with her. Alan's lawyer calls and he states that he's going to get started on this. After they leave, Rick tells Beth that, from the expression on her face, he knows that this is exactly what she wants.


In the corridor, Billy finds Cassie roaming around. She tells him that they just found out that Rick is the father. He points out that she shouldn't be there right now. She's happy that she got some.... 'Revenge?' Billy suggests. 'Justice,' Cassie insists. Later, she makes her way to Alan's side. Seeing him dejected and slumped in his chair, she asks him how 'it' feels. He rises to walk away but she begins taunting him about the much younger Rick being the father. She asks him if he feels like he'll never get a breath of fresh air again; like he's lost everything the way that she lost Tammy. He thanks her for reminding him that he is nothing like her: 'I won't lose a child. I'm a Spaulding!' he declares. Re-entering the examining room, he takes Beth by the arm and promises Rick that he will prevail. Alan takes Beth to a room at The Beacon. She's concerned to see him acting like this child is his. As far as he's concerned, the child is his. He doesn't care about biology; Phillip wasn't his biological son either. She is sure that Rick will fight them all the way. He asks her who she wants to be the father. 'You Alan, of course you!' she states. He tells her that they'll be staying at the hotel, where there are more witness and it will be harder for Rick to harass them. She is still worried about Rick, but Alan insists that he can take care of Rick. After putting on some opera, a smile fills his face.

Reva and Billy meet up at Company, she asks him what he thinks about his brother becoming a minister. Billy laughs, but she's serious. Josh seems to have had some kind of revelation and wants to be a different person, she explains. If he goes down this road, he's going to have to tell Cassie the truth. Billy knows that this is exactly what Reva is planning on. 'If it's God's will,' she laughs. They go up to his room and he tells her that this is not a good time for Josh to tell Cassie the truth. She's been a bit 'off' lately. Reva likes to imagine that it's all going down right now. She loves her sister, but she loves Josh more.


Cassie rushes home and hugs Tammy. Josh soon arrives and she gets him some tea, happily telling him that Rick is the father of Beth's child. She asks him if he thinks that she's a bad person for wanting Alan to suffer. He thinks that she's a good person. She didn't do this to Alan: This is the universe telling Alan that you have to take responsibility for your actions. Sitting her down, he explains that, since his time in prison, he's been trying to figure things out. He thinks he knows where he wants his life to go now: 'I think I want to be a minister,' he says, that's what feels right to him. Cassie has no idea what to say...she admires how strong and good he has been; not wanting revenge or being bitter, but seeking to help people. She needs someone like him in her life more than ever. He begins to tell her about his time in prison when she hears a noise and goes outside. Tammy appears and her mother wonders why she's back now that she's at peace. Tammy doesn't think that she's done enough to Alan yet.

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