One Lonely Mutt

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

Buzz gets a gift, Jeffrey tries to leave, Alan promises Beth that he'll take care of things, Rick and Mel team up, Cassie has a plan for revenge.

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Josh is looking at the flowers when he peers inside to see Cassie talking to someone who isn't there before she gets on the phone to Lillian; she's just checking on the baby. When he comes in, he notices that she's made three cups of coffee, one just the way Tammy likes it. Cassie changes the subject and wants to talk about what's been happening lately. 'Honesty is everything right?' While she tries to explain what she needs in her life right now, something Beth said in the warehouse still bothers her. It seems like Beth is going to rig things to make it look like Alan is the father no matter what. She can't take long walks with Josh if she lets this happen: They need to stop them. Alan took her baby away and she will take Alan's baby: This is what Tammy needs. Josh tells her that he'd like to help but... He walks outside and she follows him, telling him that if they do this, they can put Tammy to rest and move on with their lives. Josh won't do it; it would hurt too many people. 'I need to know you're on my side, not anywhere else,' she says. He tries to reassure her and embraces her. She needs to let go of this hatred which seems to be eating her up; Alan pays everyday simply by being himself, Josh insists. They need to heal each other, he explains. But they can only do that if she will let go. He has let go of his anger toward Alan, even knowing that Alan would have left him to die in prison, for while he was in there, he regained his faith and his love for her. She can have that too if she is willing to let go. She abruptly leaves to pick up RJ.

At Cedars, Lillian goes to see Beth and Alan. He's being very protective, especially about keeping her away from Rick. Lillian smiles and leaves. Beth tells him that Rick doesn't even know about the amnio she's having done, but Alan isn't sure that Rick won't be looking for a paternity test. He rests his hand on her belly and she tells them that they've been very lucky. Putting her arms around him, she tells him that, as a husband he has a ways to go, but, as daddy, he seems to be getting it. She sends him out to get her some chili. Lillian finds Rick listening at the door. When Alan leaves, he sneaks in to see Beth. He gives her a gift for the baby. She insists that Alan is the father, but Rick says that she doesn't know that yet and, even if he was the father, does she really want Alan raising the child? He's not willing to listen to her excuses about the advantages of being a Spaulding and leaves.


Alan walks into Company and finds Leah studying. He asks her if she is planning to be a doctor like her father. She should consider following his footsteps, he suggests. Family has always come first to the Bauers and he hopes that the family can work out their problems in time for the Bauer barbecue. Alan suggests that her mother and father may be ready for a reconciliation. Maybe she should help it along like she did last year... Mel arrives, outraged to see Alan with her daughter. 'When you were in that coma I should have smothered you!' she scolds. Alan claims that he was just trying to help and tells her that Rick has a delusion that Beth is pregnant with his baby. This is news to Mel and Alan tells her that Rick really wants to reunite with his own family, but since feels like he can't, he's going after Beth. She should reach out to him; otherwise there's no telling what trouble he could get into, Alan suggests. Later, Rick arrives after Mel calls him over. She confronts him about what Alan said. He says that there is only 'a chance' that it could be Alan's baby. Mel shakes her head and doesn't pretend that this isn't hurting her, but she will help him if he needs it. There is no way that she is going to let a 'little Rick become a little Alan...let's go get him!'

Alan returns to Beth and finds the gift that Rick left her. When he doesn't get angry, she wonders what's going on. He claims to have solved the Rick Bauer problem. He just gave Rick and Mel a little nudge. If they force a paternity test, he can guarantee a result: His name will be on the paternity test no matter what, he promises.


As Jeffrey packs up in his room, Mel comes to see goodbye. She's sure that this is about Buzz and Olivia. She doesn't think that he should be running from the past. His past with Olivia isn't something to hold onto though, he reminds her. Mel still can't understand why he's leaving all of his friends behind; she doesn't want to lose him simply because he's afraid. He tells her that he's only trying to do what's right. He needs to go back to New York and be free. Next, Ava arrives, angry that he's about to leave without even saying goodbye. He tells her that he has to do the right thing. She's his daughter and he's glad that she is. 'You matter to me more than anything,' he says, but what he did to Olivia was the biggest mistake in his life, even if something incredible came from it. He's proud of her, although he can claim no credit for who she is: He's leaving because he cares enough not to risk messing up her life. She pulls him close and tells him not to go; she can't lose them before they even get to know each other. When he won't change his mind, she leaves and he shuts the door, crushed by what he's just done.


Frank and Reva arrive at Company. She asks about Buzz, sure that Olivia will never find a better man. Frank wonders if it was best for him to step away and let Buzz and Olivia be together in the first place. She says that it's not the same as her situation with Josh. No one there is stepping aside. Frank tells her that, in the end, 'it always comes down to family.' She goes over the The Beacon to visit Buzz while he routes through the remaining gifts shuffled about the room. She grabs him by the collar and tells him that if he loves somebody, he has got to fight for them. Reminding him that they aren't teenagers anymore, she says that when they want something, they have to take it. People who give up are weak, she states, like 'sweet, selfless Frank.' He asks her if this means that she is going to go back after Josh. Hasn't he already made it clear that he is staying with Cassie? Reva bows out of the argument at this point and goes out to CO2. Josh is there and she starts talking to him although he is being quiet. She reminds him of the talk that they had when they decided to tear up their divorce papers. He's not following this. She tells him that Lillian wants her to be the new poster girl for the cancer society. He smiles and says that he'll put her picture in his locker. Right now, he is just trying to take responsibility for the choices he's made in his life. Cassie looms in the background watching them. Reva asks him if her new gig is a good idea, because, if she does it, she'll do things her way. 'Write me a big fat check or I'll tell Cassie that we slept together,' she laughs. 'Maybe that would be best,' he answers seriously.

Meanwhile, there is a knock at Buzz's door. When he opens it, he finds Moxie sitting there with a note which says that they are 'one lonely mutt' now that Ashlee is gone and asks if she can sleep with him. Buzz is afraid of fleas. Moxie runs in and jumps on his bed. Down the hall, Cassie knocks on Jeffrey's door before he can leave. She needs his help going after Alan.

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Alan is confident that the tests will come out as he plans.

Beth has the feeling that something will go wrong.

Cassie puts her plans into action.

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