The Lighthouse

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Josh fixes the bells of the lighthouse but they won't stop ringing. As the town residents suffer from sleep deprivation, they have to face up to some of their problems.

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Day One

Billy and Josh are at the lighthouse. Josh has been reading up on the bells that used to ring from the lighthouse. He plans to fix them up, hoping that their chimes will bring comfort to the people of the town. As he and Billy hammer around, Josh admits that he has no idea what he 's doing, but this is something he feels like he has to do. Finally, he gets them to ring and they both start to laugh and clap. At home, Cassie is helping RJ with his homework when she hears the bells ringing. She rushes down to Company where Josh and Billy announce to everyone that he has fixed the bells. Everyone claps and tells him that 'it's just magical'. The bells start to go off again and everyone wonders how often they're supposed to go off. Billy suggests that they take another look. With Remy, the brothers go up and take a peak inside at the gears. The bells begin going off again and louder than before. Slipping back into town, Billy runs into Gus and Harley, who think that he has no idea what he's doing. Meanwhile, Josh and Remy keep working on the bells but it seems to be getting worse. They try calling an expert in from New Hampshire because they fear that the bells will keep everyone awake. As everyone in the town begins wearing headphones and pacing with their fingers in their ears, Josh gets more worried.


Day Two

Everyone has been stumbling around tired and unable to sleep. Marina goes to Company as Cyrus looms around the corner. Inside, she and Natalia start asking Cassie when Josh will get this fixed. She is sure that it will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, Josh is sitting at the lighthouse when Billy returns. He tells him that everyone hates this. Josh worries that they hate him, but his brother says that they don't have their pitchforks out yet. 'Maybe people will get used to this and not notice anymore,' Josh hopes.

Cassie goes home, tired of a lack of sleep and justice. Tammy is waiting for her. She tells her daughter that, every time the bell tolls, it just reminds her of the time that she has missed with her and how much time Alan has. Josh arrives and she embraces him, reassuring him that he can fix it like he fixes everything. Soon, he returns to the lighthouse. He admits to Billy that 'sometimes you just can't make things better'. Maybe he should tell Cassie what happened between he and Reva at the prison...if only he could figure out what to do with his life...Billy hands him a Nixon mask, laughs and leaves. For a moment, Josh imagines that the bells have stopped, but he's wrong.


Day Three

Gus arrives at the lighthouse with a sledgehammer ready to smash things to bits. He and Josh argue and Josh grabs the hammer away. They yell at each other before they each slump down. Gus tells him that he has a secret. Josh isn't planning to ever go down to the town again so his secret will be safe. Gus asks him if he ever had a soulmate. Reva was his soulmate, Josh admits. Gus says that, when he was growing up, he had an 'everything girl'; a girl that was everything for him and now she is back in his life and working at Company. Josh laughs, but Gus doesn't think it's funny, especially since she's putting roots down in the town. Harley doesn't know that Natalia was his true love and he doesn't want Harley thinking that he's hiding his feelings. Josh tells him that he must feel like he's dug himself into a hole, but the truth is that there is no hole: He's done nothing wrong, he just needs to tell Harley the truth. Gus thanks him and leaves. 'I'm a hypocrite,' Josh admits to himself.


In Company, Harley sits with Marina who feels like she is seeing Cyrus. Harley assures her that he is long gone and she just has cops regret for not nailing him. Marina admits that she has feelings for Cyrus and Harley gasps. She suggests that she must have Stockholm Syndrome and is just tired; she needs to give herself some time to forget all about him. When Harley goes up to her room, she finds Gus waiting for her. He needs to talk to her: He's scared that he's done something to mess things up. Explaining, he says that he and Natalia were in love and he loved her more than anything in the world. ...'until I met you of course,' he hastily adds. When his father died, he was so angry that he had to leave Natalia and their life together behind, but now he feels stupid...for not telling her about this before. She asks him if she has anything to worry about. Gus assures her that she doesn't and Harley says that everything is alright then. Back at Company, Natalia tries to get a few minutes sleep while Remy begins to talk to her about how his life has gone wrong. When he sees that she's already fallen asleep, he throws a tablecloth on her as a blanket.

Marina goes up to her room and collapses on the bed. Cyrus walks in behind her and she is shocked to see him standing there in his chauffeur's uniform. She imagines that she's lost her mind; isn't he supposed to be in Australia? 'I got waylaid,' he says. Sitting down, he asks her if she wonders what would happen between them if they met under different circumstances. She lays on the bed and he rises to leave. When she grabs his hand, he kneels down and they begin to kiss. He turns out the lights and puts her to bed before walking out to the balcony.


At home, the bells start ringing and Cassie drops a plate. As she gets frustrated, Tammy returns and embraces her tightly. Josh walks in and tells her that they need to talk. He apologizes... for the bells, but she tells him that he doesn't need to apologize: He is just being himself and trying to deal with things head on. He can't bring himself to say anything else. They start to drowse on the couch when Billy calls his brother away. When Josh is gone, Tammy reappears and asks her mother why she never says anything to Josh about her. Cassie is afraid that Josh would want her to give her up: But she won't give up, not on her and not on getting back at Alan. She won't let him ruin the new baby's life. Tammy has a plan.

Up at the lighthouse, Josh and Billy begin to struggle with the sledgehammer. Josh starts to smash the gears of the bells until they stop. Billy is impressed; he didn't think that he would really do it. They sit down and relax, listening to the steam horn come in over the harbor. As they sit, Josh admits that he couldn't tell Cassie the truth. He doesn't have the confidence to do the right thing. Billy tells him that's what he needs faith for; he is lucky and blessed. Laughing and looking for a sign, Josh picks at one of the bell gears that have come loose. There are words on it: There is a destiny that makes us brothers/ None goes his way alone/ All of the light that we send into the lives of other/ Comes back into our own.

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