Bad Luck or No Luck

Thursday, May 10th, 2007

Buzz confronts Olivia, Jeffrey and Olivia can't control their feelings, Alan sends his son away, Blake makes a decision, Cyrus can't stay away from Marina.

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Buzz rushes back to his room and can barely look at the photos of Jeffrey and Olivia. Picking up the phone, he demands that Olivia be brought to him now. Meanwhile, Ava tells her mother that she will make a beautiful bride. Olivia hopes that she'll make an even more beautiful wife. Ava tells her that she and Buzz are perfect for each other. There's a knock at the door: It's an unshaven Coop with a message for Olivia: Buzz needs to see her now. When she leaves, Ava and Coop argue about whether whatever is going on inside Buzz's room is their business. Alan-Michael walks down the hall and tries to apologize to Ava for yesterday. Coop butts in and begins to rant at Alan-Michael. She gets fed up with them and walks away. Coop tells Alan-Michael that he doesn't belong there and Ava is finished with him. 'You won't get what you want as long as I'm around,' Coop threatens as he strides off. Alan-Michael barely blinks and grabs the waiter as he walks by. He bribes him to let him into Ava's room. He calls down to have the jet fuelled and ready for Paris.

Olivia goes over to Buzz's room expecting that he can't wait to kiss the bride. 'Oh I can...but obviously you couldn't,' he says as he drops the photos on her. She asks him where he got them; whoever sent them must hate them and not want them to be happy. 'This was a mistake,' she insists. 'If this is a mistake, I'd like to see what it looks like if you do it on purpose!' he shouts. She tries to explain things: Jeffrey kissed her but she pushed him off. Buzz says that she couldn't have pushed him away because there are so many pictures. He needs to know what the truth in her heart is. 'It's you!' she cries. All that she wants is to be Mrs. Buzz Cooper. Taking his hand, she begs him to move forward with her. He lets go of her hand and tells her to go. She shakes her head so he offers to leave. When she opens the door, Ava asks what's going on. Buzz tells her to tell everyone that he's sorry. He goes out on to the balcony and makes a phone call.


Buzz finds Alan-Michael in Ava's room and punches him. Alan-Michael says that he should be thanking him. A tearful Buzz continues punching at him. Alan-Michael points out that, while he might have taken the pictures, that doesn't make them any less true. Buzz tells him that his days of hurting the people he cares about are over and he's no longer welcome in this town. Alan-Michael says that his family owns this town. Alan walks in and back Buzz up. He says that it's time for him to go, it doesn't matter where. Buzz says that he has to leave to save his marriage and Alan wishes him good luck. A bleeding Alan-Michael gives a mock toast as Buzz leaves. Alan-Michael still wants to fight but Alan tells him that tomorrow he will find a large sum of money in an offshore account. He's framing his son for embezzlement to keep him away, but he won't let him sink so low that he couldn't pull him back up. He's lost one son and won't lose another. Alan-Michael says that this is just about Alan trying to bully him and prove how powerful he is in the family. After he took care of him when he was in his coma, how can he do this to him? Alan tells his son that this is his opportunity to make a fresh start. Alan-Michael embraces his father tightly before almost collapsing. His father tries hard to keep himself cool as he walks out.


Olivia goes downstairs and angrily sits down. Jeffrey approaches her. She tells him that it's over. 'It's over because of me. Now what?' he asks. She begins to lash out at him and demand that he leave her alone. He refuses. They aren't kids anymore and they didn't make a mistake last night. She knows what she needs and it's not him. Buzz is everything that Jeffrey is not: He is good. 'I never felt anything for you and I never will' she screams. He grabs her hands and refuses to let go. They begin to kiss passionately as Buzz appears. She stops when she spots him. Tears fill her eyes. After a dead silence, Buzz says that 'if it weren't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.' Olivia tells Jeffrey to leave. When he does, she moves to Buzz but he pushes away and beings kicking at the tables, demanding that she be honest with him. She admits that she kissed Jeffrey last night and kissed him again just now, but she doesn't know why. Falling in love with Buzz was easy, but part of her needs to have things more complicated and, with Jeffrey, everything is mixed up with hate, anger and resentment: She can't understand her feelings for him. Buzz tells her that whoever she is, he wants her, whether she changes for the better or the worse: His love for her is bigger than she knows. 'I can't marry you Buzz. I won't,' she states reluctantly. He takes her hand, but she lets go and tells him not to follow her. 'I won't,' he says. Alan comes out after watching this and takes Buzz off for a drink. Alan-Michael walks by without a word. Buzz tells Alan that Olivia played the oldest trick in the book. 'Even the biggest lie has a kernel of truth in it,' Alan says. Buzz laughs bitterly. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jeffrey have already found each other. 'Here we are,' he says.

Coop and Ava run into each other on Main Street as they look for the bride and groom. She feels like this is all her fault for pushing Jeffrey and her mother together. He hugs her and tells her that she isn't to blame for anything. They sit down sadly. 'If they can't make it, who can make it?' she asks. Coop tells her that you just have to believe in fearless, honest love. She feels helpless so he puts his arms around her and tells her to believe.

Dinah and Mallet arrive for the ceremony. He tries to reassure her that nothing will happen with Cyrus; everything will be fine. As he leaves to call the station, Marina arrives. She pulled herself out of her hospital bed to see her grandfather get married and to ask Dinah some questions. She wants to know about what kind of man Cyrus really is, not just his criminal behavior. Dinah tells her that Cyrus saved her life and stood by her, but she still turned him in. Mallet returns, surprised to see woozy Marina there. He tells her to lay down before she passes out. As he takes her upstairs, Dinah gets a call from Blake's doctor. He tells her that she needs to come down to Cedars. Rushing down to the hospital, she finds Blake's bed empty. In the corridor Blake zooms by and tells her that she's dying to get out of there. She's decided that she wants to live with Dinah and Mallet. When Dinah calls Mallet with the news, he agrees to go along with it. 'Fabulous,' Blake smiles.

Mallet puts Marina to bed and, as soon as he leaves, Cyrus walks in. He had to be sure that she was alright. He sits in the bed with her and she tells him that he should go. As he leans in, he tells her that he burned all the money. She thinks that he should still pay for what he did. When they almost kiss, there's a knock and he jumps into a corner when Mallet peeps in to ask if she's okay. She leaps from the bed and wants to go downstairs. He tells her that the wedding is off, but there's nothing she can do now so she should rest. When she turns around, she finds a note from Cyrus saying that he'll be seeing her.

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