Cassie Tells Josh It Can't Work Between Them

Friday, September 1st, 2006

Cassie says goodbye to Josh. Reva decides to never tell Josh about her cancer. Alan tries to gain the upper hand at the court hearing.

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Cassie and Josh enter the courtroom and Jonathan tells them both to leave. They insist they're staying but Jonathan refuses. Josh tells Jonathan any other day he'd take him outside but today is about the baby and she'll need all the help she can get. Cassie stays behind to be with Tammy but Tammy tells her to go be with Josh.

Back at Josh and Reva's home, Cassie asks Josh if they can really have what he had with Reva as she looks at a family picture of them. Josh holds her tight and tells her that with everything in the open, it's a relief. He tells her she deserves everything, including a life without guilt! Cassie tells Josh she's not sure she can do this with him, thinking of Reva and what her mother would think. Josh tells her it sounds like she's saying goodbye. Cassie replies that it's not their time right now and maybe someday they'll have their moment. Cassie heads out the door and tells Josh she has to leave. He kisses her one last time and tells her there's so much more he wants to say to her and thought they had time but Cassie walks away with tears rolling down her face.

Jonathan threatens Beth and demands she testify against Alan. She refuses but hands him information about Alan making the baby room for Lizzie. Jonathan heads out to get to the courtroom while Beth helps herself to a stiff drink. Leaving the room, she opens the door to an angry Alan asking if there's something he needs to know?!

Alan is suspicious after seeing Jonathan leave asking Beth what she's done? Beth lies and tells Alan she just paid Jonathan off so everything is fine! Beth heads to the bathroom before leaving and Alan locks her in telling her to have more conviction next time she tries lying to him and can't be trusted. Beth screaming at Alan to let her out as he walks out the door telling her to wish him luck at the hearing.

After Josh and Cassie leave the courtroom, Tammy turns to Jonathan and asks why he keeps fighting Reva's battles? She insists on knowing what Jonathan is keeping from her. Jonathan explains that Reva is his mother and he just cares about her welfare and he thinks what Josh is doing is wrong no matter the reason.

Behind closed doors, Lizzie and Jonathan talk about Reva's cancer. She thanks him for everything he's done to help her and their baby knowing it has cost Jonathan a great deal. Jonathan smiles and happily disagrees with Lizzie as he pulls out the files on the "baby room" in Alan's mansion.

The court hearing commences with Alan's lawyer explaining his petition for committing his granddaughter. After hearing several witnesses they call Alan to the stand. Alan states that he just wants to take care of his granddaughter and if Lizzie is unable to care for the baby once it arrives, he'd be more than willing to care for the child.

Mel asks Alan where he was this time last year and he reluctantly admits he was in an institution for the criminally insane. He chides that he does what is necessary for his family. Mel provides a file to Alan asking him to explain the series of "men" on his payroll and why a "high security" nursery was installed in his home? Alan attempts to explain but Mel states "no more questions". The judge demands that he step down even though Alan is yelling to explain everything.

The plaintiff calls Tammy Winslow to the stand with Mel objecting. Tammy heads to the bench and Mel tells her to just answer the questions honestly. She is asked if she's part of the "threesome" between Jonathan and Lizzie? Tammy explains that Jonathan and her invited Lizzie to live with them. The plaintiff enters a sworn deposition from two nurses that over heard Tammy and Lizzie talking in the hospital when Lizzie admitted she knew who she was shooting at!

Reva explains to Billy that she has resigned herself to the fact that Josh needs Cassie. She tells him the connection she saw between them on the USS Intrepid and couldn't deny that it's much more than being intimate with each other. She continues, explaining that instead of getting "fired up" about it, she just felt drained and reconciled to the fact that they're together.

Reva heads to the cemetery to talk with her Mama crying about preparing for her own death. She continues that she's dying but she's not ready and needs to make things right before it's too late. She goes over her options and what she needs from Josh. Reva never thought for one moment that Cassie would fall for Josh while she was trying to save her life and spare her family from the hardships of seeing her through cancer treatments. She realizes and knows that Cassie is a good person and has a hard time in her own life. Reva admits to herself that Cassie even deserves someone like Josh. She ponders whether she should ever tell them about her cancer.

Billy shows up asking her what's she's doing. Reva replies that she's making some hard choices. Reva reminisces about her great loves and the children she's had. She tells Billy she never wants Josh to know she was ill because she wants Josh to be happy after she's gone and not feel guilt.

NEXT TIME ON GL: Lizzie turns to Alexandra scared that Alan will win his hearing. Josh asks Reva why she left him when he needed her most?

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