Getting Rid of Your Mistakes

Friday, May 4th, 2007

Cassie has a party for Josh, Josh makes a decision, Daisy goes to court and is sentenced, Natalia settles in at Company.

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Cassie wakes up from a nightmare about Tammy just as Josh walks through the door. She tells him that she was only dreaming of him and he hands her a box of new shoes. He doesn't think that she needs a party, but she says that the whole town needs to dance with him...even Reva.

Over breakfast, Dylan tells his mother that he's uncomfortable going to Lewis and being 'one of those suit and tie' people. Reva tells him that he'll be fine; she isn't going back though: She has to find something else. He reminds her that she's never been good at staying apart from Josh. 'We've never been good at staying together either,' she adds. As she admits to him that she still loves Josh, Cassie arrives, offering to buy her sister a drink. After Dylan leaves, Cassie tells her sister that she really wants her to come to Josh's party. 'I can't,' Reva says flatly. She's okay with the way things ended yesterday and she won't laugh off the things that she wants. Cassie tells her that they can't avoid each other forever. 'There are some things you can never avoid,' Reva says as she walks away.

Billy and Josh walk to CO2 talking about business. Josh tells him that he doesn't feel like the same person anymore; nothing changes you like losing your freedom. Billy assures him that he'll get back to normal soon enough. Dylan arrives, eager to get to work with his father. He tells Josh that he just left his mother with Cassie.

At Company, Remy is eating breakfast, feeling bad about Ashlee going away. Natalia walks in, ready for work, and Coop introduces her to Remy, who is already drunk. Coop takes Natalia aside and offers to help her out if Remy doesn't behave himself. She's just happy to have a new job and is glad to be in town. 'Some things happen for a reason,' she smiles. Later, Cassie arrives as RJ unfolds his 'welcome' sign for Josh. Wanda arrives next, disappointed that it's not much of a party and Reva's not there. Meanwhile, Natalia asks Remy about Gus. He helps her carry drinks to CO2 and they run into Rick. After he's introduced to Natalia, the boys start to argue and she gets in the middle, telling Remy not to get into a fight. He warns her that people in this town aren't what they seem to be. They go back to Company and she asks him why he isn't a cop anymore. He mumbles an answer about being unable to protect a friend and she gives him coffee. She asks him if being a jerk is anyway to honor the memory of the friend he couldn't protect.


Back at Company, Josh arrives with Billy and Dylan. Billy asks if Vanessa is coming and updates his son on her recent problems. Reva then strides in, hugging Josh while Cassie looks on. When Josh moves off, Cassie approaches her sister. Josh has already gone outside and is soon joined by Dylan. They talk about Marah and Shane. Josh says that prison taught him that every choice in life is a blessing. 'Like which sister to pick?' Dylan asks him. 'I have picked,' Josh assures him. But, to Dylan, it doesn't look like anything has changed. 'You've been away fro a long time,' Josh tells him. Dylan tells him that what he has with Reva is a once in a lifetime thing, but Josh says that all of that is over; Cassie is saving him, he isn't with her out of pity or anything else. He goes back inside and thanks everyone for coming and supporting him. Prison gave him a chance to re-evaluate his life and he has decided to make one major change: He's not going back to Lewis. Everyone's surprised by this, but Josh says that HB would approve of him putting his brother in charge. Beyond that, he's going to spend more time with Cassie, working at the veteran's center and visiting his children. As everyone dances, Cassie looks out the window and then walks outside. Tammy is waiting for her there. Cassie asks her if it's okay for her to be smiling. 'You tell me?' Tammy answers.


Harley and Gus find Daisy at CO2. They have a notification from family court; she hasn't been going to school for weeks. Daisy says that it will get better, she will try now. They take her to family court to meet with the judge. Mel arrives to offer counseling and asks if there is anything she needs to know about Daisy's recent activities. Daisy thinks of going to see Natalia but doesn't say anything. Judge Green walks in, in a good mood for once, and starts things up. He asks her about all of her absences and the meetings with her counselor that she's been missing. He goes on to bring up her traffic violation... In Chicago. Harley is not happy with this bit of news and neither is the judge. He thinks it's time to show her that her 'stupid actions' have consequences. He asks Harley to convince him that she has a realistic plan to deal with her daughter. Since she had no time to prepare, Harley is unsure of what to say. She says that she wanted to make up for lost time but never realized how much her daughter changed. Daisy has been a disruptive force in the family and the things she's done are not safe. Her choices scare her to death. She asks the judge to help give her daughter direction because she obviously can't. Harley tells her daughter that she loves her and wants her to be safe, but she can't do it. Judge Green appreciates her honesty and tells Daisy that he's going to give her a break...'from the family life' and takes her into custody: She's being sent to juvenile detention for two months. Daisy protests and asks if she can live with her father instead. The judge says they'll review that in two months but this hearing is over.

After the judge leaves, Daisy sits down angrily while her mother and Gus try to talk to her. 'I can't believe I ever cared about you,' she says to Gus. The guard arrives and Daisy congratulates her mother on getting rid of 'her little mistake' once again. When she's gone, Harley clings to Gus, unable to understand what she's done. They go out and get a drink. He tells her to go home, but she wants to go to Josh's party. When they arrive, they run into Natalia. Harley's surprised to see that they know each other.

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