Jonathan Catches Beth in an Uncompromising Position

Thursday, August 31st, 2006

Jonathan takes pictures of Beth & Rick's liason. Alan-Michael comforts a crying Ava. Olivia tries to have Ava arrested. Lizzie admits to Lillian that she is in love with Jonathan.

Jonathan Catches Beth in an Uncompromising Position image

Rick asks Mel to get together for coffee but she replies that she's very busy and is unable to. He calls Beth and tells her he'd like to see her if she can come by and then has second thoughts after he hangs up.

Rick heads to Beth's "room" and knocks on her door. In the background, Jonathan is stunned realizing Beth is having an affair. After making love, Beth asks him what he's thinking?! Rick admits that it feels so right and wrong all at the same time and doesn't know how to deal with it all. Beth tells Rick they should rent a movie next time or better yet, go out to see one. Rick tells her they can't be "seen" together and kisses her goodbye. She runs to the open door and kisses him one more time while Jonathan video tapes the entire moment. After Rick leaves, Jonathan knocks on Beths' door with a smile! Jonathan shows Beth some of his favorite moments on the video. Beth tries to deny it all explaining her and Rick are very affectionate with each other. Jonathan continues, explaining that Beth will destroy Alan's case against Lizzie or he'll blow up the pictures and make certain everyone will know what went on today. As she glares at Jonathan he asks if they have a deal?

Rick heads out for lunch and meets up with Mel and her brother. He tells her he thought she didn't have time for even a coffee? She said she didn't and still doesn't because she was going over the case with Lizzie. Tammy approaches them and asks them who would testify against Alan. Rick replies that she can start with him. Tammy thanks him for that.

Ava and Coop pack up lunch for a customer while she worries about Emma and how she's doing.

Olivia watches Emma sleep feeling guilty for leaving her with Ava. Buzz tells her she doesn't mean it and it was an accident. Olivia refuses to believe it was an accident and thinks Ava really poisoned Emma on purpose. Buzz talks with Olivia and comforts her and replies that Frank is going to stop by. At the moment, in walks Coop and Olivia asks if Ava is with him. He assures her that Ava is not around at all. But Olivia asks him to call her because she has some apologizing to do.

Coop calls Ava and tells her she won't believe who wants to talk to her. She agrees to come by the hospital. Coop thanks Buzz for whatever he did to calm Olivia down. In walks Ava and hugs Buzz thanking him for convincing Olivia it was an accident.

Moments later, Olivia walks in with Frank and tells him to arrest her! Stunned, Ava and Buzz look on in confusion. Frank asks her what he's supposed to arrest her for? Ava tells them it was a mistake. Olivia attacks Ava screaming that she's lying. Buzz and Frank get in between them while Buzz drags Olivia off. Frank asks Ava to leave and stay away from Olivia until she calms down. Out in the hall, Alan-Michael approaches a crying Ava and asks her what happened? She explains the entire thing and is devastated at the fact that this happened to Emma under her watch. He tells Ava that she's welcome to lean on him anytime she needs to.

Buzz asks Frank to talk and asks him to leave them alone so he can talk with Olivia. Buzz kisses Olivia and tells her she can't use his family like that and won't be doing it again. He heads over to check how Emma is doing.

Mel talks with Jonathan, Lizzie and Tammy about their options against Alan. She suggests to Lizzie that she needs to stay away from Jonathan. Jonathan stands up and asks why she would suggest such a thing. Mel replies all of Jonathan's history and things he's done make Alan look like the most stable of the 3 of them.

Lizzie approaches Coop and asks why he's at the hospital. He explains he's there to see his little sister Emma and tells her what happened. Lizzie gets overwhelmed for a moment talking about how hard it is to raise children. But he assures her she'll do well as a mother.

Later on Lizzie talks with Lillian about the baby and what's best for everyone. Lizzie tries to tell her that she will be a very responsible mother and needs her help. Lillian asks Lizzie if she's falling in love with Jonathan. She replies that Jonathan and Tammy are getting married but Lillian pushes her, wanting to know her feelings. Lizzie gushes about how kind and wonderful and safe she feels around Jonathan, admitting she is in love with him.

Jonathan calls Tammy telling her he's "onto something" and will call her back when he can.


Jonathan assures everyone that Beth will do the right thing. Alan follows Beth. Jonathan tells Josh he's not welcome around.

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