Reva Confronts Josh and Cassie

Wednesday, August 30th, 2006

Reva gets an opportunity to confrong Josh and Cassie. Billy asks her if she told them about her illness. Cassie and Josh head to NY for his night of honors.

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Cassie argues with Reva

Reva calls Josh to tell him it's time to come home. He asks where she is and Reva replies at their home. Josh tells Cassie that Reva wants to see him. A jealous Cassie replies that she wants him back. He promises to tell her how much Cassie means to him and nothing will change that, no matter what she has to say.
Cassie watches the news seeing the honor for Josh Lewis and the opening of the center. They then show a photo of Josh and Reva standing together and Cassie turns the TV off.

An army COL. shows up at Reva's door asking if Mr. Lewis is at home. Reva tells him he's not at the moment but she's Mrs. Lewis. He sits down explaining that Mr. Lewis is being honored at the opening and his itinerary with all the details is in the file. She thanks him for coming and assures him that Josh will get the information as he leaves. Minutes later Josh enters and says hi to Reva. He first tells her he is glad she is ok and in one piece. He didn't know if she was alive or dead. Reva snaps at him stating that he should apologize for cheating on her with her own sister. He tells her he had no idea where she was but Reva tells him that's no excuse for unzipping his pants. He yells that Reva has always been selfish and never cared about anyone but herself. She admits seeing them together and she needs to tell him something very important.
Josh asks her why she didn't say anything? She replies she was shocked and hurt and now just plain mad. She asks if he was with Cassie when she called him earlier? Reva throws his plane tickets at him and tells him to enjoy his time in NY with his girlfriend. He tells her that's enough and he's not going anywhere until they straighten everything out, including his relationship with Cassie.

He's furious about Reva shutting him out continually. He talks about the lighthouse when they tore up the divorce papers and swore to each other it was a new beginning. Josh needed her then more than he ever did. She replies that she told him she'd be back. Josh continues that he waited and waited for far too long and through all the unreturned phone calls and not knowing where Reva went, he turned to Cassie without even realizing what was happening. She yells back that he was thinking with his pants but Josh tells her for the record him and Cassie have not slept together.
Josh looks at Reva telling her that tonight is one of the most important nights of his life and he wished it was Reva coming with him but it isn't. As he heads out the door Reva calls out that she has something important to tell him but he looks at her and just says goodbye.

Later on, Reva approaches Cassie and accuses her of stealing her husband. Cassie apologizes but replies that Reva is the one that took off and deserted Josh. She tells Reva that everyone else but her is suppose to follow the rules.

Billy meets up with Reva and she confides that she never got the chance to tell either of them about her cancer. She tells him that the thought of not having Josh with her to the end to hold her hand is unbearable. Reva cries to Billy that she has to have Josh by her side, that his face is the last thing she wants to see before she dies. Reva tells him she has to go to NY for Josh being honored.

Josh and Cassie talk later about their separate confrontations with Reva with both explaining it went very badly. Cassie asks if they should go talk with her some more? But Josh declines wondering out loud why Reva left in the first place. Cassie replies that Reva was entitled to say what she said, even calling her a sl**. Josh stops Cassie and tells her that's not at all what went on and they talk about heading to NY. He tells Cassie he doesn't think he could go to the honors night after all of this. But Cassie yells firmly telling Josh this means far too much to not go. She won't let that happen and Josh will attend this night.

Arriving with RJ, Josh & Cassie tour the Navy Ship in NY before the honors. RJ runs up to Josh to tell him about the jet he sat in and the pilot he talked to. They introduce themselves to their host and discuss the foundation. Josh takes Cassie's hand and they enter the ceremony area. Reva shows up looking for Josh and a navy rep. points her the way to the ceremony. Walking through different areas of the ship, Reva tries to locate the awards room but thinks she must be too late. Moments later, Reva passes out into the arms of a navy personnel.

Josh, standing at the podium, talks about how hard life can be and the sacrafices everyone makes in order to choose the right decision. He continues, telling the crowd that it was the spirit of doing the right thing that kept him going with the project. Moments later, Reva heads to the ceremony area to see Josh receive his award. Reva walks back downstairs and RJ runs into her. Reva reaches out to hug Josh telling him she's so proud of him and tells him congratulations. Reva runs out crying leaving them behind.

Their host tells Josh everyone is waiting for them and he hesitates. Reva walks alone off the ship exhausted and surrendering to her fate.

Lizzie gets legal advice to stay away from Jonathan if she wants to keep her baby. Jonathan has his own plans to help Lizzie.

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