Reva Returns!

Tuesday, August 29th, 2006

Reva finally returns to face everyone. Jonathan, Tammy & Lizzie make plans to leave town to hide from Alan. Mallet discovers that Dinah stole a file from him. Jeffrey reminds Dinah that he holds cards to put her in jail.

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Reva comes back home!

Back at the hotel, Reva packs her bags and tells Billy she's prepared for war. Billy tells her to take it easy and tells her he'll get the luggage.

Jonathan, Tammy & Lizzie pack up everything they can to leave town and get Lizzie away from Alan and his sick plans. Tammy suggests she pawn her engagement ring because they need the money. Jonathan tells her she's not pawning her engagement ring to fund their trip. Lizzie tells Tammy that she was the one that offered the ring to her and it's not that sentimental to her. Jonathan decides he's going to sell his bike asking the girls if they're ready to get out of town? Jonathan sees that Lizzie has packed 6 bags and yells that they're trying to sneak out of town not going on a safari.

Back at the bar retrieving fake ID's for their trip, Billy walks in asking if it's a bad time. Jonathan tells Billy that it is because they're leaving to get out from the grips of Alan for awhile until things calm down. He assures Billy that he'll call his mother as soon as he reaches wherever they're headed. In walks Reva telling Josh they're leaving over her dead body! Jonathan tells Reva not to turn this into anything. Reva replies asking if they're running away. But Jonathan tells her that Alan is forcing his hand to go and hide because he wants to commit Lizzie until the baby is born. Lizzie chimes in saying that Alan has some merit to his case since she shot him. Billy, smiling turns and states "You shot Alan Spaulding, I LIKE YOU"! Reva continues, trying to tell them it's wrong to run and hide, they can't do that.

Reva tries to tell Jonathan if they run, their lives will be hard. Reva tells Jonathan to get people on his side who hates Alan Spaulding starting with her! Jonathan agrees to stay only if she can promise him the same thing. She does, telling him it's time she faces everyone. She shows Jonathan a file on Alan, everything he's ever done illegally! Jonathan shocked at the large document asks how she got it and thanks her.

Jonathan talks with Lizzie and Tammy and tells them both they're going to stay and fight Alan. Lizzie tries to dissuade him but he shows them all the crap he has now over Alan's head and realizes there's more important things than money.

Later Reva heads to the house and calls Josh. When he answers she says simply to COME HOME!

Mallet and Dinah wake up in each others arms after making love. He tells her even if she's just there for one night, he loves that she came to see him. She tells Mallet she can't do this and Mallet asks what's wrong but she just replies she can't go through with this as she looks at the file she's supposed to steal.

Dinah tells Mallet that last night was wonderful and sex has never been an issue between them. She tells him she was feeling lonely and didn't want to be alone. Mallet tells her to stop and think about the special things they had together. He tells her she drives him crazy but he's never stopped loving her. Dinah agrees but is worried that they'll just screw up again. They decide to go to breakfast but Mallet asks her to join him in the shower first. Alone in the room, Dinah picks up the file that Jeffrey needs to hide.

Out of the shower, Mallet calls out to Dinah realizing she's left. He turns to get dressed and realizes the file has also left with her! Later, Mallet catches up to Dinah grabbing her. He asks her where is it? And she plays dumb asking what he's talking about? He says quit it, she knows the file on Jeffrey! Dinah continues to deny it telling Mallet is causing a scene but he doesn't care and keeps pressing her. She admits it and tells him she did it for both of them. Mallet tells her to come clean and tell him everything if they're ever going to have a chance of being together.

Dinah tells him he's right about last night how good things could be. Mallet insists that she tell him the truth but Dinah tells him it's not that easy, he doesn't live in her world. He tells her to give them a chance but she walks away.

Jeffrey presses Dinah to grab the file on him. She finally delivers it and thanks him for ruining a very enjoyable night she had with Mallet. He thanks her but tells her they're not finished yet. Dinah tells him to let her go and leave her alone. But Jeffrey tells her they have to find a way to co-exist.

The both of them have to continue looking over their shoulders no matter what they have over each other. Dinah tells him she knows Jeffrey better than anyone else and threatens to rip his head off if he gets in her way of getting back together with Mallet. Jeffrey asks her how much of a problem will she really be?

Later on, Jeffrey meets up with "the man" and tells him so much for loyalty, he has his file. The man continues to threaten him but Jeffrey replies that this is HIS TOWN NOW and reminds him that the man trained him so he knows what Jeffrey can be capable of. He intends to dispose of anyone or anything that is going to get in his way!

Josh tries to fix something on the ceiling and hits his thumb. Cassie comes to the rescue and kisses it all better. Later, Cassie walks back in the house to talk to Josh about RJ saying he's locked himself in the car refusing to go to NY with them. RJ enters the home asking when they're leaving but Josh decides to take him out for awhile to talk.

RJ and Josh head to the cemetery to talk about RJ's father. Josh tells him that he understands and would head to the cemetery to talk to his own father when he needed him. He continues, telling RJ that even though their loved ones are somewhere else, they still listen. He asks RJ if it's okay to talk to his dad. Josh sits to talk with Richard about always taking care of RJ and Cassie and would never hurt either of them. RJ takes the lead telling his dad how much he misses him.

Josh and RJ talk about Richard telling him that he understands how much he misses his dad and that Josh will always be there for him. He asks if he will go to NY? And RJ agrees. Josh smiles and replies that he's happy because he got Yankee's tickets!!!

Tammy stops by to see Cassie and tells her the 3 of them are leaving town for awhile and Cassie asks when? Tammy replies tonight! Cassie offers her money to help them and asks if she can call? But Tammy says Alan will trace even cell phone calls. In walks Josh and RJ telling Cassie that Josh took RJ to see his dad. Josh states it was a guy thing. RJ asks why Tammy & his mom looks sad. Cassie denies it, smiling stating that she has 2 great guys!

Alone, Cassie and Josh enter her bedroom and she thanks him for what he did earlier for RJ. They start to undress each other when Joshs' phone rings seeing it's Reva, he hesitates and then answers it.


Cassie asks Josh what Reva wants. Josh goes to see Reva and she finally comes clean.

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