Alan Serves Lizzie With Court Papers For Custody

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Alan tries to get Lizzie committed. Dinah tries to steal a file from Mallet. Olivia accuses Ava of trying to kill Emma.

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Tammy asks Jonathan and Lizzie what's going on when she sees them having a serious conversation. Handing the court documents to Tammy, Lizzie tells her that Alan is trying to prove that she's an unfit mother. Jonathan tries to reassure her it's just a scare tactic. But Lizzie says they could lock her up for the remainder of her pregnancy.

At the courthouse, Jonathan and Tammy try to reassure Lizzie every things going to be fine. But Lizzie panics when she sees an officer lead a woman down the hall screaming not to commit her. Lizzie heads into the quiet courtroom to gather her thoughts when Alan "sneaks up" on her. Alan tries to drive Lizzie crazy with all kinds of accusations and Lizzie screams at him to stop following her. She tells him he'll never get custody of her child and in walks Jonathan and Tammy. Jonathan tells him to leave her alone but Alan tells Lizzie "last chance" either come home or it's court. Tammy puts her arm around Lizzie and says no way she's going anywhere.

Jonathan asks Alan to talk in private to which Alan agrees. Heading to the roof to talk, they trade off insults. Alan grabs Jonathan by the throat and chokes him to near unconsciousness. In walks Gus, interrupting them and Alan asks Gus if he was "forewarned" to come and find them. Jonathan rubs his throat as Gus explains that Jonathan purposely was egging on Alan to get him thrown off the roof on purpose. Jonathan admits it - stating they all interrupted him too soon because it was working.

Later, Gus offers to "hide" Lizzie from their grandpa until the baby is born but Lizzie declines saying Jonathan needs to be a part of this.

Olivia rushes an unconscious Emma into ER. The doctor asks a flood of questions and Olivia looks to Ava for answers screaming how she doesn't know when Emma could have taken her perfume.

In walks Coop to comfort an hysterical Ava. Olivia yells at Ava telling her this must be payback for leaving her in the fire and wants her to admit that she hurt Emma purposely. Buzz gets in between them to calm Olivia down. Ava talks with Coop telling him she'd never intentionally hurt Emma ever. Coop soothes her stating that Olivia is just afraid and is taking her anger out on her. Buzz brings Ava some water assuring her that Emma is going to be fine. Coop and Ava talk and pray for Emma. Ava suggests they head to the chapel. Olivia plays the pity party saying this is a punishment for what she did to her mother, that she loses everyone she loves and it's not going to be okay. Buzz encourages Olivia to remain strong for Emma because she needs that from her mother. Rick approaches them saying its okay to see Emma now.

Later, Olivia approaches Ava telling her she'll pay dearly if something happens to Emma.

Mallet tries to discover why Jeffrey and Dinah are so close. Talking it over with Gus, they try to think about who would have more information on Jeffrey's past. Gus takes him to meet a private investigator to find out more about Jeffrey's past. The PI already has information on Jeffrey and has a "private file" on him.

Jeffrey goes out for a drink with Dinah and tells her he's holding onto the evidence he has against her for the fire. Dinah tells him to get rid of it but Jeffrey doesn't think that's such a good idea.

Dinah tells some clients that she's overjoyed in supporting and promoting Jeffrey for Mayor. She asks if she can count on their support by luring them with prestigious golf memberships. The men tell her to continue her "promotion" speech because she has their full attention.

The "man" calls Jeffrey telling him he still hears he's running for Mayor even though he told him to stop. Jeffrey snaps back telling him he doesn't work for him any longer. But the "man" tells him he's forwarding Mallet his "file". Jeffrey hangs up and grabs Dinah telling her the party is over. He tells her that Mallet is about to get his personnel file and she has to get it from him. Dinah refuses, not wanting to see Mallet telling Jeffrey it's his problem. Jeffrey threatens her with the evidence he's holding and tells her he won't be able to keep her out of prison anymore.

Jeffrey tells her to use Mallet's feelings to get the file. Mallet goes to open the door as someone knocks on it, only to find Dinah standing there. Mallet asks why she's there and she tells him so they can talk about wedding cancellations to finalize those things. Mallet tells her that he doesn't believe it, knowing she's there for another reason. Dinah replies that she has nothing to say and gets up to leave. Mallet grabs her and holds her. Dinah leans over to kiss him.

Alan runs into Beth with more clothes for the baby. He asks her if their plan is a go? Beth sighs and tells him yes, it's still a go to make her own daughter seem crazy.

Beth tries to talk with Rick about not making the right decisions for Lizzie. He then talks about loving being back at work and also helping little Emma. Rick also tells her that Mel and him are trying to get a fresh start and try again. Beth snaps in a jealous tone, asking if that new beginning will be "with or without her?"

Beth tries to make "what they have" seem ok and normal. Rick looks at her and states they are having an AFFAIR! He continues, telling her that his job, his marriage is so important. Rick tells her that they need to get together soon to talk this over.

Mallet thanks Dinah for a beautiful night but Dinah holding the stolen file, feels a twinge of guilt. Jeffrey, holding the file, tells Dinah they're not finished yet.

Reva is back to kick butt starting with Cassie!

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