Alan-Michael Ends Up Being the Latest Web Scandle

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Alan-Michael unknowingly ends up on a live web feed. Alan tries to get charges dropped against Lizzie. Jonathan confronts Doris about her "motives" to get Lizzie. Mallet and Gus suspect Alan-Michael with the webcam?!

Alan-Michael Ends Up Being the Latest Web Scandle image

Alan-Michael becomes a target.

Ava makes plans with Coop after her and Alan-Michael finish working for the day. Alan-Michael tells Coop he was trying to convince Ava to have dinner with him. Coop asks him if it’s for business or pleasure, and Alan-Michael replies a bit of both. Coop ignores him suggesting a movie to Ava and she jumps up telling him it’s perfect as they head out the door.

Olivia talks with Buzz about the latest webpage. He tells her she just has to let it roll off her back. She says it’s not that simple and is worried about all the other skeletons in her closet. She wonders who is behind this website and why they’re doing this! Buzz tells her she needs a bigger distraction and asks her to stay. Buzz asks Ava and Coop to babysit Olivia’s little girl. Buzz and Olivia talk about the movie they took in and share ice cream. Buzz takes a taste from her lips and tells her he loves that flavor.

Back at Olivia’s place, Ava reads her little girl a story and tells her it’s time for bed. She wants to play so Ava plays a bit more and squirts some perfume on her arms. After she’s in bed Ava tells Coop he has to go and she’ll call him later. They start to kiss and Olivia’s daughter sneaks the perfume out of Ava’s purse.

Olivia arrives back at home and checks on Emma. She screams at Ava asking what she did to her baby?!

Mallet is at the station talking with Gus and is interrupted and shown the latest webpage. They set up a wall with all the people listed on the website trying to figure out if any of the victims is the culprit?! Mallet talks with Gus about Dinah having something over Jeffrey and they speculate. Gus asks him if he ever thought Dinah was sleeping with O’Neill. Mallet tells him he’s pretty certain that they’re not, it’s not about that. Dinah has something real on the guy. Meanwhile, they check out the website again to see Dinah and Alan-Michael alone in the room, a live webcam feed. Mallet and Gus head out to confront them.

Dinah is given a box and she opens it to find wedding items for her and Mallet. Dinah calls Alan-Michael to talk with him. He shows up at the hotel and she suggests room service. He asks her if she’s “packing” this time and she tells him nope, no gun just a killer smile. She talks with him about Jeffrey being the next mayor. He asks her what she’s willing to do to make that happen?! They share a drink not knowing they’re on a live feed webcam on the internet. He asks her why she’s working for O’Neill and she replies she’s just doing a favor. Alan-Michael states it’s much more because Dinah doesn’t do any favors. In storms Mallet and Gus asking Alan-Michael to explain the live internet feed?! Dinah is shocked! She asks if he did this? They look for the webcam but Gus is suspicious asking who else has access to this room? Alan-Michael demands to know who’s behind this! Mallet smartly thanks him for being concerned. He asks everyone to leave.

Outside Mallet and Dinah talk. She asks how long they were watching and he tells her not long at all. As soon as they realized it was live, they headed down to warn them.

Alan-Michael posts a $100,000 reward for the owner of the website.

Ashlee calls her mom Doris and tells her she’s heading out for a few days with Jonathan. She puts Jonathan on the phone and Doris threatens him not to take her daughter anywhere. Jonathan just laughs at her and hangs up. Ashlee laughs at upsetting her mother so much. Jonathan tells her that her mom is the DA and he thanks her for helping him out with his problem.

Tammy and Lizzie talk about Jonathan and them getting married. Lizzie apologizes for getting in the way of their relationship and wedding day. Tammy tells her that the love that her and Jonathan share is far more powerful than anything. Doris calls Tammy and demands she get down to the police station immediately because her psycho boyfriend kidnapped Ashlee! Doris tells Lizzie and Tammy that both of them better help her find her daughter or they’re heading to jail.

In walk Jonathan with Ashlee on his arm asking Doris if they missed anything good. Doris grabs him demanding to know what he did to her daughter. He screams for police protection and laughs. Jonathan asks her how it feels to be scared wondering if someone is after her child? He demands her to stay away from his kid and Lizzie! Doris warns him but Jonathan tells him she IS going to drop the charges. Lizzie tries to calm him down and Alan walks in boasting that the victim should have a say in the matter.

Jonathan tells Alan to get the hell out of the station but Alan states he’s here to talk with the DA! Doris tries to interrupt but Alan insists on speaking with her. Alan thanks Doris once again and she tells him she’s not in the business of letting innocent babies being harmed or shooters get off so easy. Alan replies that he isn’t either and Lizzie isn’t off the hook at all.

Jonathan thanks Ashlee for her help. Doris and Alan return and tells them all that she’s dropping the charges against Lizzie. Lizzie thanks her granddad and they head out. Doris stops Jonathan and tells him if he ever pulls a stunt like that again, he’ll be sorry. Alan tells Doris it’s great to see Lizzie so happy but it’s too bad it won’t last for long.

Back at the bar, everyone celebrates Lizzie’s dismissed charges. They also toast to Jonathan and Tammy’s engagement. Lizzie offers Tammy a ring, a huge diamond. Tammy thanks her for it and Jonathan tells her she should wear it until he can get her something else!

While Alan checks on the baby room, Lizzie is served. She tells Jonathan and Tammy that Alan is trying to declare her an unfit mother.

Jonthan tells Lizzie she'll be safe. Olivia realizes that Emma drank the whole bottle of perfume. Jeffrey tells Dinah to get back together with Mallet.

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