Tough Love

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

Harley tries to get tough with Daisy and may have gone overboard.

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Daisy is on her phone to her old roommate Tiffany. She is telling her how much she hates it here. Harley is going overboard and has a room of 'how-to' parenting books. Everyone at school already thinks that she's a stoner. She talks about Gus with some affection though. Meanwhile, Harley is in the kitchen destroying another batch of cookies. Gus wonders why she bothers trying. She just wants to show Daisy that she's making an effort. Gus tells her that, if she wants to impress her daughter, she has to stop telling her that she's wrong. She starts to wonder if she should just let Gus handle Daisy; he has a way with her. She informs him that Dylan is back and was trying to check in on Daisy at the dance. As she starts teasing him, she becomes disappointed to see that Gus isn't remotely jealous. They start to kiss as Daisy walks in and asks what reeks. Harley tells her that her dad is in town. As they start bickering, Leah knocks on the door. She comes in to apologize for how she treated Daisy and asks her to hang out. Daisy agrees and they go up to her room to do homework. Harley starts to think that she should give her daughter more space.


Daisy and Leah talk about boys

Daisy and Leah sneak out and go to CO2 for coffee. She tells her young comrade how she skipped the dance and spent time with Gus. They start talking about boys. Leah is seeing a senior and isn't sure what to do. Daisy doesn't understand why she's asking her for advice about sex. 'It is what it is,' is the only explanation she has.

Harley announces that she is just going to be herself with Daisy instead of trying to be the perfect mother. Her apron is turning the distracted Gus on, but when they start making out, Dylan arrives. Gus gives him a beer and he gives Harley flowers. She tells him that she is going to give Daisy some room, but that's not what Dylan had in mind. Harley is proud that the kids are upstairs doing homework, but Dylan doubts it. She goes up to check and Gus says that he'll treat Daisy like she's his own. 'She's not' he says abruptly before fumbling through an explanation of what he means. Harley comes back downstairs. 'She's gone.'

The three parents track the girls down. Leah walks away and Daisy asks if Harley talked Dylan into tracking her down. As Harley rants at her, Gus tries to talk her down and Daisy tells her mother to be more like him. Dylan tells his daughter that he and her mother need to be able to trust her. Bobby, who stood Daisy up, walks by and apologizes; his mother made him cancel. He tries to leave and Dylan starts talking to him. He thinks that she should go to the library with Bobby and tells her to be good. They walk away and Harley hopes she'll stay out of trouble.


Bobby won't tale no for an answer

Bobby doesn't take Daisy to the library, he takes her to his parent's suite at Towers. He locks the door after the walk in and gets out some liquor. She tells him that she's not into high school boys and tries to leave. He stops her at the door. 'I hear you're into all kinds of stuff,' he says. She tells him that he's trying too hard and she's a virgin. He follows her around the room and starts grabbing her and tries to pull her clothes off. He tells her that no one will ever take her word over his. She struggles away and pretends to go along. She asks for vodka. After asking him to put music on, she pours him a drink and drugs it when he looks away. Soon, he has collapsed on the couch. When she tries to leave again, he struggles to stop her but collapses on the floor sick. Daisy snaps a picture and then calls Gus and Harley. Bobby has gone unconscious and won't wake up. They rush over and she tries explaining what happened. She had no choice; she had to drug him or he'd attack her. Gus asks her what he took, but she doesn't know. They wake him up and he instantly blames her. Harley believes him and drags her down to the station.

At the station, Harley says that she's sick of her blaming everyone else for her problems. 'At this rate, you're going to end up pregnant or dead and I won't let that happen,' she announces before telling Frank to book her. He can't understand what's going on and asks Daisy to sit down while he talks to his sister. She tells him what she thinks happened and Frank suggests that maybe Daisy is actually telling the truth this time. Maybe she should try grounding her instead of putting her in jail. She begs him for help saving her daughter. Frank agrees to keep her overnight. She'll be arraigned in the morning. Daisy can't believe that her mother is dumping her once again when she can't deal with her. Daisy is dragged into a cell and Harley begins crying on her brother's shoulder. A distraught Daisy quivers in her cell. When Harley goes home, she lays on of the daisies that Dylan left on a photo of her daughter.


Gus tries to talk sense to Daisy

Gus takes Bobby to the hospital to have his stomach pumped. He tells him that it could be worse. This isn't so bad compared to having his football scholarship taken away when it comes out that he tried to rape a minor. Gus tells him that he's just going to say that he has stomach flu and let this whole thing pass. Bobby agrees to the deal and Gus walks out. He goes to the station and visits Daisy. She cries and can't understand why her mother hates her so much. He tells her that she doesn't hate her and, even if she didn't believe her tonight, she still believes in her. He tells her that she needs to think about the consequences of her actions and can't expect her mother to save her. She needs to learn how to save herself. She thanks him for talking and listening and promises that she'll do better. Clinging to him, she begs him not to leave her there. He tells her that she has to show her mother that she is better. He'll be in the station all night to keep an eye on her and stays with her for a few more moments while she sobs.

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