Dylan Returns

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Josh breaks the news to Reva, Cassie is brought in for questioning, new evidence surfaces, Daisy avoids the dance and Dylan returns.

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Tammy wants her mother to be happy

Cassie and Josh are still celebrating into the morning. She admits that she feels lighter now that she has a ring on. 'That's probably because it's made of plastic,' Josh jokes. They're both relieved that RJ gave them his blessing. Now the three of them can finally have some happiness. Josh realizes that he should probably tell Reva before anyone else does. He tries to call, but Cassie says he should tell her in person. When he leaves, Tammy appears to her mother for the final time. It's congratulations and goodbye. Cassie begs her daughter to stay a little longer, but Tammy says that she has a whole future to look ahead to. She's suffered enough and deserves some happiness in her life. She will always be in her heart. Now, her mother should get married in a brilliant white dress and be happy with Josh. Cassie starts to cry and there is a knock at the door. When she answers it, she finds Frank standing there. He's on official business, he needs her to come down to the station. She leaves a note for Josh and they leave.

Daisy is getting ready to go to the dance. Leah has come to accompany her. Harley gets a call from the manager of Infinity thanking Gus for returning stolen merchandise. Leah decides it's time to leave. She doesn't want to be seen with a druggie, thief who dated the guy who ran down Tammy. It might ruin her reputation. After Leah walks out, Harley realizes that trying to make them friends was probably a mistake. She wonders if everyone is talking about Daisy behind her back. Everyone else does it to her face, Daisy says. Harley knows what it feels like to be an outsider; she was the pregnant girl in high school and it was so bad that she dropped out. Daisy doesn't hesitate to point out what a bad role model her mother is, but it doesn't deter Harley from telling her that she should enjoy school and make friends. Gus answers the phone when it rings. It's Daisy's date: He has food poisoning and can't go. Daisy isn't about to go alone, so Gus offers to take her. He won't go in, he'll just push her into an oncoming group of suitable students.

Gus takes Daisy downtown and they wait for the other kids to file in. Leah and her clique walk by and sneer at her. Daisy says that things like that don't get to her; what bothers her is when people blame her for Tammy's death. Gus tells her that people care about her, but Daisy doesn't understand. They should blame her for losing Sydney, they should be mad at her. Gus isn't mad, everyone made mistakes and it was unlikely from the beginning. What matters now is that Sydney has a good home and is happy. He starts telling her about his father, the man he thought was his father, and how proud he was of him. After he died, rumors came out that he was dirty cop and the other kids used to beat on him, but Gus found his own friends. She needs to believe in herself, no matter what anybody says about her. He tries to rush her into the dance, but she doesn't want to go in and be a social leper. She'd rather stay with him. Reluctantly, he takes her out for pizza. While they sit and eat, she tells him that none of the guys in her class are her type. He tells her to keep looking and she imagines dancing with him.



Harley arrives at the dance and Gus calls to say that Daisy isn't going to make it. She tells him that she's at home and will see him later. When she hangs up, she turns to see Dylan standing there. He though that he'd pop his head in just to humiliate his daughter a bit, he jests. Harley tells him that Daisy is already living down a lot of things. Reva's filled him in somewhat. They sit down and he starts to wonder about how things turned out between them. Even if things are tough for Daisy right now, she will become a good woman. He wonders if Harley ever thinks of what her life would be like if they'd stayed together. She doesn't. They were too crazy when they were kids to have a family. Dylan informs her that he's just separated from his wife Bridget and they're heading for divorce. She guesses that's why he's being so nostalgic. Anyway, now he'll have plenty of time to help her keep Daisy in line. While they watch the kids dance, Harley just hopes that they can keep their daughter from doing something that can't be undone.

In Billy's room, he and Reva are wandering around in their bathrobes ordering room service when Josh comes knocking at the door. He wonders if he's interrupting something but they laugh it off. He has news for them: He and Cassie are in the clear and they've decided to move on with their lives. He's marrying Cassie. After an awkward pause, Reva congratulates him. They have a champagne toast. Josh admits that it seems quick and no one contradicts him. Reva tells him that life goes on and grief brings people together. Josh tells her that he will always be there for her when she needs him. She says that he's the marrying kind. He needs stability and she wants him to be happy: They have her blessing. He hugs her and leaves with her congratulations to Cassie. Alone, Billy asks her how she really feels. She throws her glass at the wall. 'That's how I really feel!' she shouts. She tries convincing him that she's fine, but Billy tells her that it's not too late to tell Josh how she really feels. It is too late though. Cassie is a good woman. She isn't Olivia or Annie. Getting her health back and Josh was just too much to ask for. He's with Cassie now and it will stay that way. Now she is free to do whatever she wants and, even if she has no idea what that is, it's very exciting.


Frank tries to calm Cassie

At the station, Frank explains that Alan-Michael's gun wasn't used to shoot Alan. From the bullet that they got out of Alan, they can tell that the gun used is identical to Josh's and he's the only person around with that model. Meanwhile, Josh has rushed to the station, he guilts Marina into letting him into Frank's interview with Cassie. After he goes in, Marina checks the garage surveillance tape with another cop. They quickly discover something. Marina goes into the interview room and asks Frank to come out just as he's describing the situation to Josh. He checks the tape and returns. Josh is the only person with the right gun, he explains and they also have something else. He puts the footage on. It shows Cassie outside of Towers holding the gun.

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