Rick Tries to Save His Marriage

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Rick tries to call it quits with Beth. Jonathan asks Tammy to get married TODAY! Lizzie begs Alan to talk to the police. Hawk storms in on Josh and Cassie again.

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Rick tries to end it with Beth so he can save his marriage.

Beth talks with Rick but he wants to do it in private, not in Alan's room. She assures him Alan is out getting tests and they have time to talk. Rick tells her he's not comfortable talking about anything especially in her husband's room, the man she's cheating on with Rick!

He tells her the affair going on between them is getting too out-of-hand. He needs to slow it down. Beth tells her they need each other but Rick tells her it's a crutch. She tells him she feels young and happy with him. Rick tells her if Alan doesn't make her happy, to leave him. She tells him she is happy with Alan in a different way and wants both men in her life.

Rick tells her they have to stop doing this. Beth laughs and chastises him that he's the one that called her last night.

Rick flashbacks to his and Mel's conversation about his mistakes and driving her further away from him. Mel tells him to stop blaming her for all his mistakes. (flashback over).

Beth flashbacks to talking with Alan about the ...role... of a woman in marriage. She is flabbergasted at his statements and snidely tells him there's no ...role... set out for women in marriages, and walks away. She then thinks about her and Rick meeting at the bar crying over their drinks about their spouses. They talk about when Rick felt when he found out that Philip was still alive but didn't tell Beth. Jumping forward to one of their many sex romps in bed, he tells her how great it's been with her and she tells him to stay the night. (flashback over).

Rick runs into Mel and asks her to give them a second chance. She tells him that she invited Remy and others to celebrate him getting his job reinstated. They waited for a long time but he didn't even call. Rick tries to make up an excuse that he lost track of time. She tells him she can't be with him tonight because she has to work and walks away.

Lizzie is officially charged with attempted murder of Alan. Tammy & Jonathan post bail for her.

Later on, alone at the apartment Jonathan talks with Tammy about how he promised his life with her wouldn't get messed up because of the baby. But that doesn't seem to be the case, so he suggests they get married ..." TODAY! Tammy stalls, telling him she doesn't have a dress, flowers or anything. Jonathan tells her that doesn't matter, today is for us and just wear what she has on. She grabs some flowers and they start to head out when Lizzie bolts in. Lizzie tells them she went to see Alan but he just ignored her. She's desperate but Jonathan tells her she's not going to go to prison and walks out.

Tammy paces the floor wondering why Jonathan hasn't returned. Lizzie apologies for ruining her wedding and putting this baby on them too. Tammy tells her to have faith, Jonathan will take care of everything!

Jonathan plans something with Ashlee and she tells him she'd do anything at all for him. He smiles and says great and makes a phone call.

Later on Hawk, seeing the website picture of Josh and Cassie, calls Billy asking him if they know about the mess Josh and Cassie are creating for the whole family. Billy tells him that he and Reva knows about it. Hawk asks what they're doing about it? Billy tells him they're headed to Springfield to confront them soon and not to worry about it.

Josh talks with Cassie about business. Cassie's son is on the computer and comes across ...the website... with his picture there. She suggests that RJ watch a baseball game in the other room. When he walks out, Cassie freaks to Josh, wondering who did this to a little boy? Josh tells her they have to tell her son about them before he finds out another way!

They agree to talk with RJ about what's going on and how they feel about each other when there's a loud knock on the door. Hawk walks in to scold them when Cassie's son walks in and jumps into Hawks arms. Hearing Hawk say they're ...hooking up... together, RJ asks her what that means?! Josh scolds Hawk not to say another word! RJ tells Cassie she's been keeping something from him and walks away. Josh tells him he'd knock Hawk flat if RJ wasn't here.

Lizzie disagrees with Mel about seeing her granddad and busts into his room. She walks up to a ...fake... sleeping Alan and tells him she needs to have a ...heart to heart... with him right now and hopes he's up to it. Lizzie tells Alan that the police have charged her with attempted murder and he has to call the police. Alan tells her he's far too tired and they'll talk later. Mel tells her to get out of the room.

Beth walks into Alan's room later and talks with him. He tells her that Lizzie was charged with attempted murder but she's already out on bail. He pleads with her to help get Lizzie's baby for their own. Beth stands up to Alan and tells him from now on they're doing things HER WAY like it or not.


Alan has Lizzie served with papers declaring her unfit to be a mother. Jonathan reacts to Alan's latest moves to get Lizzie's baby. Olivia puts her trust in Ava by having her baby sit Emma only to return home to find Emma unconscious.

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