Mel Decides to Give Her Marriage Another Chance

Wednesday, August 23rd, 2006

Mel initially asks for a divorce from Rick, changing her mind later. Rick has his hearing about being reinstated.

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Mel considers divorce.

Rick and Lillian talk about his marriage and daughter. Afterward, Leah asks her dad if mom is leaving? Rick hugs her and tells her he has no idea.

Beth asks Rick if Mel's going to be at his hearing? She tells him that she's going to stand by him no matter what. Rick asks her if there's something wrong with that? He tells her that Lillian already gave him an earful today.

At a Narcotics Anonymous meeting, Rick confides that he's made such a mess of everything. He misses connecting with friends and family. Knowing that he always had at least one person in his corner no matter what. But he doesn't have that any longer.

Rick meets up with Gus and they discuss his marriage. He tells Gus the hearing will be the first step in his recovery. Gus admits awhile back, he found out that Harley was cheating on him with Mallet and never thought he could forgive something like that. But Gus realized how strong love really is.

Rick tells Charles he's sorry to make him wait for his wife like this. Charles is given a letter to drop everything. He tells Rick it's his choice to decide this. Charles tells him not to screw up again, his family has a long history with this hospital and his own wife won't speak in his defense tells him a great deal. He decides to give Rick another chance.

Lillian meets up with him afterwards and Rick tells her he has his job back with many restrictions but he is happy to be back.

Back at his hotel room, he makes a call to Beth and tells her he needs to see her. She comes down to meet him and they make love. He tells her this is the last time they can do this.

Mel meets up with a co-worker, Ryan for a dinner date. She tells him she's flattered that he asked her out but between her daughter and her work, she doesn't have time for anyone in her life. Mel's brother interrupts them and drags her away. She yells at him asking if that was necessary?! He asks her where her wedding ring is? Mel tells him she's sick of being a perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect Bauer!

Later Mel knocks on Jeffrey's door telling him she's glad he's there. He invites her in. Jeffrey asks her what's going on? She tells him nothing much, just stopping by to see an old friend as she strokes his arm. Jeffrey teases her, telling her she's beautiful forbidden fruit.

Mel snaps that he's such a jerk. He pours her a drink and she looks at him asking if she can try something? Mel kisses him passionately and pulls back sighing ...oh did nothing for me.... Jeffrey tells her thanks a lot.

In walks Dinah interrupting them. She asks Mel to be her lawyer. Mel tells her she's not going down that road. But Dinah continues, and tells Mel what happened with the fire and why she did it. Mel smartly tells her that's not how to deal with emotions like that. Dinah tells her ...she knows that....

Mel tells them she has to head out but they invite her to go out with them. Dinah pulls out a bottle of wine and Jeffrey proposes a toast. To have everything in life without all the complications! Dinah tells her to confide in them. Mel unloads on both Jeffrey and Dinah. She speaks about her family, her marriage, her job. If she chose to get a divorce, it would be the first divorce of her entire family EVER! She tells them divorce is too easy and marriage is the hard part. She thanks them for the shoulder and walks out.

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