Harley Arrests Lizzie For Attempted Murder

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Gus goes to the hospital to arrest Lizzie. Beth discovers Alan is faking his heart problem. Mallet demands to talk with Dinah. Tammy holds the truth about Lizzie's intentions.

Harley Arrests Lizzie For Attempted Murder image

Lizzie tries to get herself out of trouble for shooting Alan.

Lizzie tells Tammy that she wanted to kill Alan, she shot him on purpose.

Meanwhile, Jonathan runs into Gus and tells him not to bother with any investigation. But Gus tells him to get out of his way and heads towards Lizzie with Jonathan close behind. Gus tries to question her but Jonathan tells Gus what happened. He tells Gus that he should be dragging in Alan instead. Gus tells him to back off before he makes things worse.

Back at the station with Lizzie, Gus asks her for the truth. He asked her if she knew there were blanks in the gun when she pulled the trigger? Lizzie doesn't answer him. Tammy and Jonathan race down to the station to stop Lizzie from talking. Harley walks in confronting Jonathan and Lizzie, telling them what a sl** she is for getting pregnant by Jonathan. She continues on and Jonathan starts laughing at the thought of her insane beliefs.

Lizzie interrupts the both of them and tells lady cop that her granddad Alan set her up and she can prove it. She tells Harley about Alan having this room with locks and bars on the windows and security surveillance. No one really believes her but Gus encourages Harley to check it out. So they all head down to Alan's to find this room.

Once they get to the mansion, Lizzie takes them to the room where she discovered all the baby items and bars on the windows. Jonathan breaks the door open to find an empty room with some boxes around and no bars or surveillance. Lizzie looks around in disbelief and Harley arrests her for attempted murder.

Jeff bangs on the door and tells Dinah to get out of the bathroom and help him. She tells him she's going to ...sew up... the vote with every male in town wearing this dress! Jeff tells her to call him but Dinah refuses! The knock at the door is Mallet telling her to open up. She throws the door open and asks him what he wants? He tries to explain but she just remains sarcastic and tries to close the door in his face. Mallet stops her and asks Jeffrey for some privacy but Dinah says nope, he can talk in front of Jeffrey. She warns him to stay away from her or next time ...he'll get burned... and closes the door.

She turns and asks Jeffrey why he's so interested in becoming Mayor when he has so many other interests and money and power already. He tells her he has his own reasons and walks out the door.

Dinah, talking to herself, says she has to ...wipe some slates clean... herself and the sooner she does that her life will be much better on. She walks out the door and Mallet grabs her telling Dinah ...it's time to talk because he knows she started the fire.... Mallet tells her to talk so she starts the night she was at the Beacon, looking at all the things for their wedding. She was furious and piled all the clothes and the wedding dress on the bed and lights everything on fire but she insists she put it out! She knows she put it out! Mallet tells her that's a good thing because it was all an accident and it'll be ok. But Dinah tells him she's not going to plead to anything at all. Mallet encourages her to fight this, and give them another chance! Dinah tells him it won't work, they can't move back to get what they had. It won't be any different she tells Mallet. Mallet asks her if it's because of Jeffrey? Dinah tells him that her and Jeffrey are just friends but Mallet gave up on them before they even got started long ago and leaves him alone.

Mallet heads back to Jeffrey's room and confronts him. He tells Jeffrey not to hurt Dinah whatever is going on between them. He asks what Dinah has over him? Jeffrey tells him nothing and walks out.

Mallet talks with Blake about running for Mayor. She tells him having her image splashed all over the internet the way it has been, doesn't leave much to anyone's imagination. He asks her what she thinks about Dinah with Jeffrey right now in Jeff's room?! Blake assures him there's no way anything romantic is going on between them. It's something very different and she'll figure it out.

Later, Blake confronts Jeffrey about him using Dinah for some unknown reason and she wants to find out why?! She tells him he helped Dinah and bailed her out of jail because there is a bigger reason. Jeffrey tells Blake that there is no reason, him and Dinah are not romantically involved, just business associates. She teases Jeffrey and gets him to come back to his room so they can be intimate. After making love, Jeffrey tells her he has things to do and she gets the message, starting to dress. She tells him not to worry, Dinah won't know that she was ever here. Jeffrey assures her that him and Dinah are just friends and nothing more.

Alan is caught by Beth on the phone, faking it and she calls him on it. Alan tells her he's trying to do the right thing for Lizzie's baby. He tells her that him and Beth can step in and take care of the child. Beth looks on in disbelief, that Lizzie could be brought up on charges for tonight? Alan tells her the worst that will happen is that she'll be up on mischief charges. Beth tells him that Alan knew all along what Lizzie was going to do and he set her up! Alan doesn't deny a thing. He continues to tell Beth that if there were not any blanks in the gun, Lizzie would have killed Alan. Beth tells him maybe she would have done everyone a HUGE favor!

Alan tries to justify to Beth about his plans to get Lizzie's baby and keeping the baby safe from that sociopath Jonathan. Beth tells him he's crazy but Alan tells him he's doing this for her, to give her back her child she wanted so badly! Beth tells him it's wrong and it's not their baby, it's Lizzie's! Alan still insists he wants that child for them and freeing her of the responsibility of raising a child. Beth tells him he's insane but he tries to convince her that Lizzie is becoming unbalanced just like Phillip. She argues that Lizzie will not end up like Phillip! He insists that they have to act now to get this baby from her threatening not to fight him on this.

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