Olivia Tells Buzz How She Killed Her Mother

Monday, August 21st, 2006

After Lizzie shoots Alan, not knowing there were blanks in the gun, Alan fakes a heart attack. Ava decides to work with Michael. Josh tries to find the truth about Reva. Olivia tells Buzz how she killed her own mother.

Olivia Tells Buzz How She Killed Her Mother image

Olivia tells Buzz how her mother died.

Buzz comforts Olivia and asks her what that webpage is all about?! She insists she had nothing to do with the webpage. He tells her they'll get past this as he turns to the computer trying to turn it off. He turns around and finds Olivia gone. Buzz chases her into the restaurant and asks her what's going on? Olivia tells him she has to tell him something. Buzz said whatever it is, he'll forgive her. He explains that he ran out 20 years ago on his family, on his pregnant wife. Who could ever do worse?! Olivia replies that she could, she thinks she killed her own mother!

Buzz asks her what happened. She recalls back in time how her mother and her were arguing back and forth! Her mother chiding her, basically calling her a tramp. Olivia responds back telling her she never wants to be like her mother. Her mother collapses in the chair with her head in her hands. Olivia keeps screaming at her until her mother stops responding. Looking at Buzz, she tells him it was a stroke and the last words she said to her mom is that she hated her and it's something she could never take back.

Buzz tries to explain that none of that was her fault. Her mother had a stroke and could have happened at anytime. Olivia replies telling him that she's tried for years to convince herself of that but she knows different. Buzz tells her he loves all of her and sometimes he sees a shadow in her eyes. Now he understands why it's there and he's done running. Olivia tells him that he'll change his mind and he'll fade away out of her life. Buzz laughs telling her how wrong she is!

Lizzie panics, grabs her gun and shoots! She keeps shooting and someone falls to the ground.

Jonathan, Tammy, Cassie & Josh hear her scream. They rush upstairs and Jonathan grabs Lizzie asking her what happened? She cries that ...she killed him...!

She tries to explain that no one was answering her and she panicked and didn't know what to do. Josh looks up and tells them he's still breathing. Jonathan looks at the gun and tells them the bullets are blanks and that's why there's no blood.

Lizzie can't figure out what's happening. She screams at Alan why he didn't answer her, why did he come creeping in the dark!! Alan plays dumb telling her he just wanted to give her this and shows her a check. In walks Beacon security and tells Jonathan to drop the gun. The security guard asks for backup but Alan tells them there's no need for that, no one is hiding anything and all of this was a misunderstanding. But the guard persists, calling on his radio. Alan gets furious, telling the guy that this is his family and to call off the police because if he doesn't, he'll have his job. At that moment, Alan grabs his chest and passes out.

At the hospital, they rush Alan in and get tests going on him. He asks Lillian to find Beth for him and she goes off to phone her.

In the waiting room Tammy and Jonathan try to calm Lizzie down telling her this kind of stress is not good for the baby. Jonathan leaves to get Lizzie some water when his phone rings. It's Billy again updating him that Reva's color is looking a bit better. Jonathan then spills it out to him about Josh and Cassie. Billy doesn't respond and Jonathan tells him he's going to ball them out. Billy tells him he can't do that and besides Reva knows. Jonathan doesn't believe him but promises not to say anything for now.

Josh walks up to Jonathan asking him to spill his guts and besides ...Cassie and I know what we're doing...! Jonathan looks at him replying ...no he doesn't know what he's doing to Reva at all... and storms out.

Back in the waiting room, Beth runs up to Lizzie asking her what happened?! Lizzie tries to explain and the nurse walks up telling them that they're going to keep Alan for observation. Beth asks if she can see Alan and walks into his room telling him she's here. After Beth leaves, Alan jumps out of bed and calls his ...goon... to follow Lizzie after she leaves the hospital.

Lillian comforts Lizzie telling her that when Alan gets better, they're all going to sit down as a family and figure all this out. Lillian continues to say that because they all know Lizzie would never mean to do this on purpose, it wasn't her fault. Lizzie just nods her head without answering.

Ava and Coop come to the restaurant after it's closed to share a drink. In walks Michael and flirts with her, asking her to come work with him, he needs her. She tells him to drop the desperation act! He tells her he's not desperate! She tells him that the Coopers hate him but thanks him for the job offer, however she doesn't want to be the piece of cake on display in order to lure clients in! He tells her she could just keep being a waitress. In walks Coop and tells him she'll take it. Ava asks him why would it be ok for me to take this? Coop tells Michael that he's not the jealous kind but if he crosses the line even once with Ava, he'll come after him!

Mallet tries to talk to Dinah but she refuses. Lizzie admits shooting Alan was on purpose.
Jonathan tells Gus the shooting was an accident.

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