Lizzie Shoots Someone!

Friday, August 18th, 2006

Lizzie finds a gun in her purse. Tammy and Jonathan tell Cassie and Josh about their engagement. Frank acuses Olivia about being behind the website.

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Lizzie gets worse.

Jonathan and Tammy talk about all the craziness surrounding them lately. That Lizzie will have to move out but they decide not to tell her until she is better emotionally. In walks Lizzie asking them to go for lunch. She says it's ...her treat... and looks in her purse for her wallet and sees a gun in there. Shocked, she tries to hide her fear and tells them what she found in the mansion at Alan's. They don't believe her so she pulls out her camera phone to show them the photo.

She goes through her photos but can't find the picture. She doesn't understand what happened thinking Granddad must have somehow erased the picture. They still don't buy her story telling her she tends to exaggerate! She tries to tell them he's on a warpath, shutting down their credit cards and such but they still don't think it's possible so she storms out!

Jonathan's phone rings and he tells Tammy he'll join her in a minute as she walks out after Lizzie. It's Billy on the other end, telling him Reva is very weak and to stay close to the phone.

Lizzie takes a walk on the streets but feels like everyone around her is following her. She's trying to think of a place to hide the gun. She changes her mind, heading back to the apartment to get some sleep. Waking up to some sounds in the dark, Lizzie panics asking who's there. There's no answer as the figure creeps closer to her. Lizzie pulls out the gun and fires.

Cassie and Josh go out for supper. In walks Olivia asking them to join them at the Beacon for supper and he tells her Cassie will be his date because they're seeing each other. Shocked, Olivia snaps that she thought the last she heard he was still married. Josh tells her Reva has chosen to be out of the picture for quite awhile and he made his choice. Olivia asks them how long it's been going on and they say it's very recent. She still asks them to join her at the party. Cassie runs after Olivia telling her to ...let them have it.... Olivia says she just has one question, how did Reva take it? Cassie tells her they haven't had a chance to with her being gone.

Josh and Cassie decide to head to Olivia's party. He asks Cassie what her and Olivia spoke about. Josh says that it's no fault of their own they haven't had a chance to talk with Reva. She doesn't feel right about going public to everyone about this until Reva knows. On their way, they run into Jonathan and Tammy. Tammy excited and happy, tells them that her and Jonathan are engaged! Josh and Cassie congratulate them asking them to join them at the Beacon for the party. But before they go in, they turn back to them and tell Tammy & Jonathan that Josh and her are seeing each other. Jonathan looks at them shocked at what he just heard.

He's furious telling them they have no right to screw around on Reva. Asking them what the hell is wrong with them. Jonathan tells them they can't do this because....

Josh asks him what it is? Why should he give a damn about what Reva is feeling, what is it? But Jonathan just glares at him - furious.

Buzz prepares a fancy meal for Olivia. Ava and Coop walk in to join them but Buzz didn't realize Olivia invited them. Ava is willing to forgive Olivia for causing Ava's injuries and Buzz is thrilled about that.

Frank looks on the internet web trying to determine who's behind the webpage set up. He realizes later it's Olivia after finding her purse that was left behind. A while later, Frank joins them all for dinner and Buzz shows him the new layout of the hotel. Frank asks to talk with Buzz out in the hallway. He starts to tell him what he found at the station but Olivia interrupts them and they all enter the Beacon.

Back inside, Olivia apologizes for being difficult back at the station. She tells him how she loves Frank and would never do anything to jeopardize her future with him. Frank looks at her with suspicion telling her that so... and Buzz walks up asking them what's going on. Frank spills out that it's Olivia behind the webpage on the net. He hands her some photos from the website she found in her purse. Olivia tells them it wasn't her. Buzz tells Frank that it's quite enough and Olivia tells Frank to get out of her hotel! She turns to Buzz and tells him she can only think of ONE PERSON who could have put those pictures in her bag... and ...I'm looking at her... as she glares towards Ava. Ava confronts her telling her that's just like "Olivia" to blame everything on everyone else! But Olivia runs to the computer trying to find something to connect Ava to the website. As she looks at the site with her face on fire, she faints!

Reva trying to regain her strength, talks to Billy about getting back to face Josh and Cassie. Reva is very weak and Billy gives her a cold cloth. Billy suggests a change of scenery to perk her up. He helps her out of bed and laughs that they can get themselves in a lot of trouble. Billy suggests the top of the Empire State Building and Reva tells him that sounds great as she falls into a deep sleep.

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