Breaking the Rules

Friday, December 15th, 2006

Cassie and Josh hold their holiday party. A drunken Tammy makes trouble. Reva introduces Cal around. Jonathan and Lizzie try to be a couple. Alan plots his next move.

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Reva and Josh try to play nice

Cassie is touching up the tree decorations while she and Josh anxiously await the arrival of their guests. Gus and Harley are the first to arrive carrying baby Sydney. Harley asks Cassie if Reva is coming. 'Yeah. Sure. Of course,' she stutters in nervous certainty. To reassure her, Harley offers to lend her one of the bulletproof vests they have in the car.

Reva and Lizzie are preparing to go when Jonathan runs down the stairs convinced that Sarah is sick. Maybe they shouldn't go. Lizzie reminds him that Lillian will be looking after Sarah and she is a nurse. When she goes up to check on the baby, Reva suggests that Jonathan is just looking for an excuse not to go to the party. She suggests that he's afraid Tammy will be there, but she is sure that she won't be and Lizzie has been looking forward to going. Cal drives up and begins to honk his horn as Jonathan ushers Reva to the door, telling her not to 'do anything I wouldn't do.' 'Like there is anything you wouldn't do,' she says as she slaps his face with the fringe of her shawl.

Tammy is alone getting drunk at Towers when Beth sits down beside her. Beth begins telling her that she admires her for giving up Jonathan so that he could be with his daughter. Tammy is insulted; she doesn't need babysitting or compliments from Beth of all people. She couldn't find the high road with a roadmap.

Lillian carelessly lets Alan know that she is going out to babysit while he has his holiday party. He stops her and asks her to 'do something for me.' He wants her to bring the baby to the mansions for a visit while Jonathan and Lizzie are out. Lillian refuses; she won't help him kidnap Sarah. Her life, and Beth's life, has been ruled long enough by men with a warped sense of morality and she's not about to let that happen to the next generation. She's spent enough time with Alan and heard enough to put him away for a long time, and she will, if he doesn't back off. Alan doesn't like being threatened, but Lillian storms away as he crushes his cigar in his hands. He avoids his guests and stays alone to think while Beth paces outside the door. When she enters, Alan tells her mournfully that he doesn't even know Lizzie anymore; she's a stranger and doesn't want her baby to be a Spaulding. Beth tries to tell him that, beyond the wealth and power, Spaulding is just a name. What's in a name? 'Everything,' Alan says as he rises up. Beth starts to worry and asks him what he's planning. He's giving up on the rules: He has to stop Jonathan before he destroys the family. Beth tries to stop him but he pushes past her and out the door.

Cal and Reva arrive at the party and, before they enter, she explains that Josh is her ex-husband, now her sister's boyfriend. 'So I'm your human shield tonight?' he smiles as they walk in. She introduces him around and he tells everyone that they met at a chess tournament. He goes to get Reva a drink and she tells Cassie that this is their first date. Cassie becomes over enthusiastic in her congratulations and begins to try and explain that she isn't really worried about her and Josh. Reva is just glaring at her with a cracked smile while Josh watches them from across the room. Cassie confesses that she's still 'weirded out' whenever she knows that they will see each other. 'But it's incredible that we can be together like this so soon after' Cal returns with wine and Cassie moves away. He remarks that 'she seems nice for the woman who stole your husband.' Reva needs a stronger drink.

Gus has gone out on the porch in a pensive mood and Marina follows him. She reminds him of how well his life is now compared to the way it was a year ago. Still, something is nagging at him.

Jonathan and Lizzie arrive at the party, not as a mom and dad, but just as 'me and you,' he says. She pulls him into a dance and nestles herself in his chest. She tells him that she's worried about him. She knows what he's given up; he's a guy and he has needs. He begins to laugh as he falls into a chair and she sits on his lap. She wants a chance to make him happy and be a real wife to him. As she leans in to kiss his cheek, she spots Tammy standing in the doorway. Lizzie tells him that she's chilly and asks him to go upstairs and get her a sweater. He goes while Reva closely watches. Cassie sees Tammy standing there and asks her if she's been drinking, which she obviously has been. Her mother tells her that she'll have a good time as long as she forgets that Jonathan and Lizzie are there. Tammy asks her if that's what Reva is doing? Cassie's not impressed, but Tammy insists that she's only there to have fun.

After Reva introduces Cal to Billy, her ex-husband and ex-brother-in-law, she lets him know that she's a very complicated woman and asks for another drink. When he walks off, Josh approaches her and tells her that he's glad she came. They awkwardly exchange compliments and she realizes that he's checking up on her. Feeling patronized, she assures him that she is nether lonely nor depressed; she beat caner and has a grandchild now: 'Cassie doesn't have to worry.' Cal returns and Reva introduces Josh to him as 'my sister's boyfriend.' Josh tries to smile all of this away. Cal takes Reva aside and says that he 'feels like I left the stove on' and needs to leave. He asks her if she needs him to call a ride for her, but she lets him know that she is going with him. They rush out.

Lizzie approaches Tammy and lets her know that the only reason that Jonathan is there is that he thought that she wouldn't be. Tammy claims that Jonathan is 'stuck'; she used to think that she was doing the right thing, now she knows that she was wrong. Lizzie counters that, just because Tammy changes her mind, doesn't mean she has the right to ruin everybody else's life. She is just being selfish. Jonathan wants this marriage to work and Tammy is only making it more difficult for him. Lizzie walks away as Tammy continues drinking. Marina comes to her and asks if she's okay. She looks like she will be sick. She goes outside for some air and finds Jonathan standing there. He tells her that they can't be there together, but she says that she has to be where he is; she's made a mistake. He angry; this is unfair. He needs her to stay away so that he can try and make his marriage work. All that he has with Lizzie is 'a baby and some space,' Tammy says, and from now on, it will only get worse. He begs her to stop torturing him and leave him alone before they begin kissing.

Meanwhile, Cassie worries what drunken Tammy is up to. She asks Josh what happened with Reva and he tells her that they still have 'a ways to go.' Marina asks Lizzie what she said to Tammy. Lizzie only told her the truth. Now she's worried that Jonathan seems to have disappeared. He and Tammy have already snuck into the barn.

Cal and Reva arrive at the Beacon, which is where he lives. She realizes that he doesn't really have a stove--he's been lying again. He explains that he only told people that they met at a chess tournament so they wouldn't think that she could only get a date at a cancer survivor's group. And no, he doesn't have a stove; he just wanted to get her alone. She tries to feign being annoyed by him bringing her there under false pretences. However, she's only annoyed that he hasn't invited her in yet.

Next on GL:Alan drops in on Lillian while she's babysitting Sarah. Lizzie starts to panic about Jonathan's absence. Reva and Cal get intimate.

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