A New Man

Thursday, December 14th, 2006

Reva goes out for singles night and meets someone. Josh and Cassie plan their holiday party. Tammy plans to get Jonathan back. Lizzie hatches a plot to get Jonathan's attention. Coop tries to convince Ava to leave with him right away.

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Cassie cancels plans at Towers

Reva's trying to back out of her Single's group but Lizzie won't let her; she wants the house, and Jonathan, to herself. Jonathan is trying to set up the toys on the baby's crib. 'Baby's need their stimulation,' he says as Lizzie approaches him. 'Mommy's do too.' She begins going through the mail and discovers the invitation sent to them for Josh and Cassie's holiday party. Lizzie's excited and wants to go, but Jonathan tells her to be quiet; he's afraid of upsetting Reva. Reva overhears and isn't upset; she was invited too. She laughs and leaves them together. Lizzie's happy they have the night together to 'try something different.' She gets dolled up, but Jonathan only responds with discomfort and wants to take Sarah out or work on the nursery. She tells him that that can wait; they need to unwind. He makes more excuses and she finally asks him 'is it so hard to be alone with me?' He wants to be a good husband, but that isn't something you can force. They have to figure things out and let it happen. He kisses her on the forehead and runs out to get supplies.

At Cassie's, Josh is meandering around the doorway when Cassie appears in a little red dress. He can barely keep his hands off of her. Meanwhile, Tammy is sleeping on the couch having a nightmare about Lizzie using Sarah to manipulate Jonathan into paying more attention to her. She's upset when she wakes up and Cassie sits down to talk with her as Josh goes out on errands. Tammy wishes she could go back on decisions that she's made, but she doesn't want to be a home-wrecker. Yet, she can't help but think that Jonathan is unhappy. Cassie tries to calm her down by making tea but Tammy is all ready to go out. Her mother warns her to learn from her mistakes. Tammy asks her if Josh was a mistake. No, she explains, but they didn't rush into things; you have to trust yourself and believe that things happen for a reason.

Buzz and Olivia are unpacking from their holiday and he's already suggesting that she call Ava. She won't: Ava is better off without her as long as Jeffrey stays away. Buzz kisses her and rushes off, leaving an elated Olivia to wonder why he hasn't proposed to her yet. Jeffrey knocks on the door and walks in asking her if she wants him to leave town. He tells her that Buzz tried to throw him out and she's tickled that he did that for her. There's only so much abuse that he's willing to take. Why doesn't she just settle down with 'Buzzyboy' and leave him alone? She begins to blame him for Buzz's delayed proposal. To wrap everything up, he offers to go down to San Cristobel and turn himself in. Olivia doesn't take this seriously though. She thinks that he's bluffing. He's given up Ava; what more does she want? Everything.

Alan-Michael spots Coop and Ava planning their move to London. Buzz finds him watching them and tries to warn him off: 'Don't underestimate my son.' Coop and Ava continue making plans while Alan-Michael moves past them shouting on his cell phone, upset by a mix up at work. Ava goes over to offer her help while Buzz asks Coop if he trusts Alan-Michael. He doesn't and is going to have to act fast. They worry for a few minutes and then Coop finally interrupts and takes Ava away to ask her to leave right away. An annoyed Alan-Michael looks on. Olivia rushes by and embraces Buzz, thanking him for trying to get rid of Jeffrey, who isn't far away.

On the street, Jonathan accidentally drops a stuffed animal. Tammy picks it up. He tells her that he and Lizzie are just trying to take care of stuff while Reva is out. She insists that she wasn't looking for him, so maybe they ran into each other for a reason. 'There's something you need to know' she begins. He says that he already knows. He's in a trance when it comes to the baby and isn't giving Lizzie any attention. He can feel her neediness, but he wants to be a good dad and a good husband soTammy is the one to be thanked for all of this; she made him the man he is and made him want to be a father. She takes his face in her hands and tells him that he'll never be a good dad to Sarah as long as he's with Lizzie. He has to leave her and the three of them will run away and be a family. 'I've been waiting to hear you say that,' he says before kissing her, but this is all in her mind. She's imagined this conversation. In fact, Jonathan is standing there talking all about Sarah. He barely notices the look on Tammy's face and walks off. She then runs into Ashlee who tells her that she must be jealous of Lizzie and she should quit while she's ahead. After this, she walks past a Santa Claus who asks her if she's been naughty or nice. 'Way way too nice,' she says, gritting her teeth.

Ashlee comes over to keep lonely Lizzie company. She is trying to pick out clothes to wear to the party so that Jonathan will notice her more. Right now, she just feels like a milk making machine. Ashlee tells her that she needs a kick in her pants. She's Lizzie Spaulding. If she wants Jonathan, she should take him. Lizzie starts to hatch a plan. She will take Jonathan to the party wearing a dress that will make all the men want her. After a few drinks, they'll be coming home together and Later, Jonathan returns home and puts a blanket on a sleeping Lizzie. He goes to Sarah while Lizzie opens her eyes and watches, thinking to herself: 'Poor guy doesn't stand a chance.'

Reva arrives at the Survivor's party and Lillian welcomes her in. She feels awkward and makes some jokes about how much she likes guys with scars. Lillian says that she's 'bad' and then introduces her around. Quickly, she finds her way to a man standing alone and starts chatting to him. He tells her to move along so that the younger women won't think that he's taken. He makes a pass at a young blond woman but gets rejected and returns to Reva's side. He bemoans the loss of his pick-up mojo and Reva starts to mock him. They trade barbs and try to guess each other's diseases. He gets hers wrong and she tells him that she is a breast cancer survivor and still has them; so he loses. She walks off to the elevator but finds Josh standing there when the door opens. He's just there running errands. She tells him that she will be coming to his party and that puts a smile on his face. She explains that she is there for the Survivor Single's night and he tells her that she's very brave and should have a good time. He leaves and she returns to the man, who introduces himself as Cal, and asks her why she let Josh get away. She says that he's just her sister's boyfriend. They stay together and drink and laugh, she asks him to Cassie's party where he can meet more 'age appropriate' women.

Josh returns to Cassie's and gets a call that she was just at Towers cancelling the party. He assumes that she saw him with Reva and got upset. She appears in the doorway with his clothes in her hands. After she drops them on the floor, he tries to explain what he was doing with Reva and asks why she cancelled the party. She says that his clothes are on the floor because theyre going to the cleaners and she cancelled the party because she wants to hold it in their home together. She did see him with Reva, but it didn't bother her; she's not afraid of her sister. He's happy to hear all of this and picks her up in his arms on his way to the back room.

Next on GL: Reva and Cal get to know each other at Cassie's party. Tammy tries to come between Lizzie and Jonathan.

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