Mel's Proposal

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Gus finds an ally in Alan-Michael. Coop has a surprise for Ava. Mel has a proposition for Jeffrey. Harley worries about Gus.

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Mel has changes to make in her life

Marina and Mallet have been sent out to look for the missing baby. Gus initially ducks behind the counter at CO2 as they approach. He stashes the baby and then reappears to offer them coffee. They tell him about the missing baby and he asks them to let him know if they find anything. Gus gets a room at Towers and, while he brings the baby in, Alan-Michael walks by and spots him. Jokingly, he asks Gus whose baby he is stealing. Gus gives a lengthy convoluted explanation of why he has a baby in the room with him, but Alan-Michael doesn't believe him for a minute. While Alan-Michael helps to change a diaper, Gus explains the real reason he took the baby. Alan-Michael gets on the phone to his attorney, 'if you're going to fight to keep this kid, you're going to need my help.' Gus asks him what he hopes to gain. He answers that he's had experience with fathers that didn't want their kids and will do everything he can to make sure a child is with parents that want it. Gus walks him to the door when he finds Dinah and her camera crew lurking in the hallway. He sends her away and promises to help her next week as the nurse arrives. He leaves her to look after the baby while he runs an errand.

Ashlee brings Dinah a rough cut of The Law. Ashlee puts it on and remarks that Marina and Mallet really have a lot of chemistry together. Dinah asks her if she values her job or her life more; she needs to stop saying things like that.

Coop gives Ava her birthday present but she wants to forget that it's her birthday. She's reluctant to open her gift, but when she does, she finds two tickets to England. Coop has re-applied and been accepted to Oxford. He wants them to move in January. She doesn't know how to feel about this. Later, they pick up their Christmas tree and she falls while they're carrying it. He helps her up and reminds her that it's their anniversary. She's surprised that he remembered. He urges her again to come to England with him and she finally says 'yes' and jumps into his arms.

A rough looking Jeffrey wakes up on the floor outside of his room. He manages to raise himself up and crawl inside to pass out again with his St. Jude's medal in his hands. He wakes up later and can't find his shirt. There's a knock at the door: It's Mel. She says that she's 'come in peace' and asks what's wrong with him. He's lost everything. She tells him that she is divorcing Rick and makes a pass at him. He warns her off; she shouldn't get involved with him: He 'ruins women'. 'Maybe that's what I want,' she tells him. She's tired of being responsible; she's changed. But Jeffrey reminds her that they've been in this situation before and it didn't work. She should stay her solid, respectable self and leave him. Undissuaded, she threatens to take her clothes off right there if he doesn't agree to come to dinner with her that evening.

Mallet arrives at Harley's door after she calls him. She begins to go off on him over Gus' excessive workload. She can't believe that they made him work all night. A befuddled Mallet explains that Gus wasn't at work all night and isn't at work right now; he just saw him nervously drinking coffee. Harley starts to worry. An overly chipper Dinah arrives to deliver Mallet's lunch. He asks her if she's just being nice to get Harley on her show, but she says 'no'. When Mallet lets slip that Gus was out all night, Dinah launches into a list of all the things he could be doing and all the ways that Harley could catch him. Her paranoia seems contagious, but Harley tries to convince herself that she isn't the jealous type. Dinah rushes off and Mallet tells Harley not to be paranoid like her. Harley tells him about Bailey Brook and Mallet teases her by asking if Gus' secret was that he wasn't a virgin before he met her. She tells him that his record was sealed. Mallet says Gus was probably just a stripper and laughs before leaving. She starts to pace and can't shake the suspicion that Gus was up to no good. She begins searching his pockets to no avail. Gus interrupts the search and asks her 'if I did something you didn't like, you'd forgive me right?' Harley is in a panic, Gus has something to confess. He's tried not to be idiotic since they got married butShe assumes he was with Bailey Brook, but he says that he wasn't with her. Before he can explain, the police begin knocking at the door and he says that they have to run now and they climb out the window.

Jeffrey has gone out to get a coffee at CO2. Coop reluctantly serves him and tells him that he and Ava are moving to England 'indefinitely.' Jeffrey tries to say that this is 'good' but is having difficulty. He starts to ask a lot of questions; he's concerned that they're moving across the world when they've never even lived together. Coop accuses him of trying to relieve his guilty conscience; he doesn't deserve a daughter like Ava and has to stay away. Jeffrey is about to protest, but he remembers his promise to Olivia to stay out of Ava's life and stops himself from getting involved.

Dinah and Ashlee are walking along while Ashlee is making salacious storyline suggestions. They spot Mallet and Marina walking toward them and Ashlee makes more suggestive remarks about them which Dinah doesn't appreciate. Mallet tells Dinah to stop being so suspicious about everything and she announces that she is going to do a show about how to spot a cheater.

Ava arrives at Alan-Michael's office and he compliments her on the work that she's been doing lately. She informs him that she is moving to England with Coop; she'll find him a replacement before she leaves. He's disappointed; he though she really had a future at Spaulding. She says that, right now, her future is with Coop. When she leaves, he cancels the vacancy she's announced and says that he's not ready to lose her yet. She returns to Coop who has a sandwich with a birthday candle in it waiting for her. He wishes her happy birthday yet again while Jeffrey watches sullenly from the shadows.

Mel meets up with an eager Rick, who expects her to tell him she's set up marriage counseling sessions. He's dismayed to find out that she wants to tell him about Jeffrey. He asks her how long she's been sleeping with him. She hasn't; she wanted too, but she couldn't. She's leaving the hospital and going into business with Jeffrey. They'll set up their own law firm in town. Rick is not happy and Mel storms away.

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