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The canvas of Guiding Light is going to be getting a little more crowded soon. While Springfield has witnessed a steady stream of characters passing through its sparse sets in past months, few of them have stayed for long. Surprisingly, many of the faces expected to be arriving have been around before. We'll start with the reportedly returning veterans. Former Beverly Hills, 90210 actor Daniel Cosgrove, who played Bill Lewis, the offspring of Billy and Vanessa, is expected to reappear. No date has been officially released for his return, (although October has been mentioned) nor has the duration of his stay. Cosgrove left the show in 2005, subsequently appearing on the ABC series In Justice as well as Dirty Sexy Money and Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe.

Beloved and wonderfully creepy villain Edmund Winslow is also expected back on the canvas. He will once again be played by the multi-talented David Andrew MacDonald following several successful stints on the stage in his time away from the show. Edmund, of course, is supposed to be spending his days in a prison cell so the circumstances and possible consequences of his return could raise a few eyebrows. Like Cosgrove, the length of MacDonald's stay and his return date have yet to be officially released.

A more recent face to depart the from the show will be getting a quick return. The wonderful Darnell Williams, who appeared recently as Griggs, the dangerous man from Mallet's seedy past, will get a chance to shake things up some more. Is this going to be a chance for revenge, a chance to finish off the fragile Dinah who he left a bullet in? Or does he have other schemes and plans in Springfield that viewers haven't anticipated so far? Rumors are that his return may shatter a few illusions and open up some new questions. Williams will first appear on August the 21st.

And for those who wish that Remy would buck up and find himself a woman, a new actress will be appearing next week with her eyes firmly fixed on him. Vanessa Simmons will be taking the role of Lola beginning on August the 21st. The 23 year old actress is the daughter of legendary Run-DMC co-founder, the Reverend Joseph Simmons. She attended St. John's University and has worked as a model for the Ford agency. Ms. Simmons is better known for her appearances as herself on the MTV reality show Runs's House on which she actually went to audition for GL.