GL's Rob Decina Directs at Summer Shorts image

Rob Decina (CBS)

One of the leading lights behind the scenes will be getting a little more well-deserved attention. Guiding Light's highly respected and award-nominated casting director, Rob Decina, the man who has brought many of the show's most beloved actors onto the set, has just directed a play in New York. Decina has put his final touches on the new production of one-act play Windowshine by Randee Smith for the new Summer Shorts festival. The play tells the story of estranged siblings reunited over their father's death. It details their journey back into one another's lives and their inability to communicate with each other. The production stars John Sierros and Pilar Witherspoon. Winsdowshine runs from August the 8th until August the 30th at the 59E59 Theater, located at 59 E. 59th Street. If you're interested, tickets are available either by phone at 212-279-4200, or online at TICKETCENTRAL.

Decina is one of the most renowned casting directors in New York. Before going to GL, he worked as the Associate Casting Director at Warner Bros. Television Productions. While there, he was involved in the casting of the Third Watch, The West Wing and more than 45 television pilots. In addition to this, he has worked as an assistant director for productions at Juilliard and NYU and as the Artistic Director/Co-Producer of the Young Connecticut Playwrights Festival. He is the author of the highly popular The Art of Auditioning.