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Tom Pelphrey (

After several weeks of Reva snatching moments with him on the phone and almost meeting up with him face to face, Guiding Light fan favorite and Emmy Award winner Tom Pelphrey will actually be returning to Springfield in the role of Jonathan Randall this week. After months of being teased, viewers may be wondering what brings him back to the show this time? It seems to be a bit of a family crisis. More specifically, Olivia's unconcealed vendetta against Reva and her clan, which now threatens to do more than tarnish the Shayne matriarch's already scarlet image this time around. Since discovering that Jonathan is really alive after faking his death and vanishing with his daughter, Olivia poses more of a problem to him and his mother than either ever expected.

This return of the prodigal son comes after months of speculation on Pelphrey's possible resumption of the role. So far, the young actor is only committed to this brief appearance but rumors of a more permanent commitment continue to circulate. This week will also see the re-appearance of the deceased Tammy Winslow (Stephanie Gatschet) in a ghostly cameo on Tuesday, July the 30th. Pelphrey's appearance is part of the a wider campaign now under way to publicize the upcoming book Jonathan's Story, set to be released by Pocket Books on September 18th. The novel tells the tale of the troublesome young man turned devoted father dealing with the death of his beloved Tammy and raising his little daughter. For more information, please visit's previous story about it here.