GL's Nicholas Art in The Nanny Diaries image

For those who wonder where on earth Harley's mischievous young son Zach seems to disappear to on a regular basis, we've uncovered a clue. Nicholas Reese Art, the prodigiously talented young actor who plays the scion of Harley's troubled union with Philip Spaulding, has had a very busy career for his young years. Born in Milford Connecticut in 1999, Art has since appeared regularly on GL since 2002 as well as in on the show Hench at Home, the Oscar-nominated film Syriana and a host of television commercials.

Currently, he is set to appear on screen this fall in the much anticipated comedy The Nanny Diaries. The Hollywood film stars the very glamorous Scarlett Johansson as working class NYU graduate Annie Braddock. She takes a position as a nanny for the wealthy Mr and Mrs X, a lucrative job which soon turns into a nightmare as the veneer wears thin. While wading through the couple's crumbling marriage, woes with her would-be beau and awkwardly bonding with her young charge, the four-year-old Grayer (Art), she has to make some choices about where to go with her life.

The film also stars Paul Giamatti, Laura Linney and Alicia Keys. It is set to open nationwide on September the 7th. For additional information and to watch the trailer, please visit the official website here.