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Updated: November the 9th

* Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding) continues shining his musical talents across America. At the end of this month, lucky theatre goers in California will be able to catch him at the McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert. He will be giving five concerts between Friday, November the 23rd and Sunday, November the 25th. Appearing on stage with Mr Raines shall be Debbie Gravitte and Lisa Vroman as they belt out some Broadway favorites with the accompaniment of a full orchestra. For additional information and to get your tickets to the event, please visit the theater's official website here.

Updated: October the 22nd

* Fans of Ron Raines (Alan Spaulding) will get to see him showing off his other great talent, his majestic singing voice when he joins the Florida Orchestra for A Broadway Hit Parade on a brief whirlwind tour of the southern state. You can catch Mr. Raines performing on October the 26th through the 28th as he stops off in Tampa, St. Petersberg and Clearwater.
He will be appearing on stage along with fellow veteran performers Emily Loesser, Debbie Gravitte and Don Stephenson as they sing the celebrated songs on Frank Loesser. For tickets and additional information, please call (800) 66e2-7286 or visit the orchestra's official website here or you may call (845) 424-3900.

Update: August 2nd

* Robert Newman's run in The Full Monty has received broad critical acclaim and appreciative audiences. It's been a great change of pace for Newman and allowed many of his fans to see him in a whole new light. Don't miss your final chance to see it before it closes this weekend!

* Kim Brockington, who has been portraying the rarely appearing Felicia Boudreau since 2002, is on stage this week at the National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, N.C.. She will be taking the lead role in a reading of the play Conspiracy by Western Michigan University professor Von Washington. For additional information, please visit their official website here. You can also catch additional shows for Lawrence Saint-Victor's (Remy Boudreau) play Black Man Rising, at the same festival. Please visit the link for that production found below if you desire additional information.

Anyone lucky enough to catch any of these productions is encouraged to come back and tell us all about it.

Original article
If you're in New York City or the vicinity, don't miss your opportunity to see GL's own Lawrence Saint-Victor (Remy Boudreau) in an exciting new theatrical venture by StageFace Productions. The talented young actor will be taking a role in the new play by James Chapmyn called Black Man Rising. The play deals with the everyday lives of African-American men as they struggle against stereotypes and the shadows of their long and difficult history.

Performances will take place Thursdays through Sundays from July the 12th until July the 28th at the Player's Loft (115 MacDougal Street, New York City). Tickets are available for $18.00. To make reservations, please call (212) 352-3101. For additional information, please visit Stage Face Productions.

In additional theatrical news, as told you here , Robert Newman (Josh Lewis) will be taking on a role in the new production of The Full Monty this summer in Pittsburgh beginning at the end of the month. Please see the above link for all relevant information on what promises to be a memorable experience for those lucky enough to attend.