Some Red Carpet Moments From the Stars of GL image

Crystal Chappell (

Cailtlin Van Zandt (

Before the recent 34th Daytime Emmy Awards,'s Christine Fix and Shannon Burrell got to hobnob with some of Guiding Light's stars and nominees at the SOAPnet party. We slipped a few questions out amidst the media madness. Here are some fragments caught in the melee of the red carpet.

Catching the eye of the superb Crystal Chappell (who plays the vixenish villainess, Olivia Spencer) What did you do before the SOAPnet party?
Crystal: I attended my first luncheon for the nominees for Outstanding Lead Actress. It was a great time with wine and laughter! You look wonderful!
Crystal: Ahh, thank you! Did you prepare a speech?
Crystal: No, I prefer to live in the moment!

Catching up with the late and lamented Tammy Winslow, Stephanie Gatschet, she gave her fans this kernel of hope... Will we ever see you back in daytime?
Stephanie: Never say never! The reason I left the show was so that I could see what other opportunities were out there in film and theater. I’m busy looking for work right now.

The popular Caitlin Van Zandt (Ashlee Wolfe) caught up with us as well. Caitlin also told us that she visits regularly and loves our message boards. She doesn't post but she reads them! She was very sweet. It’s a big year for Guiding Light huh?
Caitlin: Oh yes. I have been there for about a year and everyone is so excited for one another right now! Have you taken part in any of the 'hands on' projects?
Caitlin: Yes. I have been to Biloxi, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. It is such a great initiative. We have so many fans that turn out for the events but unfortunately we have to turn some away because there is limited space.