New Face on GL image

Credit - Mark Schlereth

Guiding Light will be getting yet another new face this week when former Washington Redskins offensive guard Mark Schlereth comes to Springfield. He will be playing an old friend of Jeffrey's by the name of Roc Hoover. The character, with a name only possible on a soap or The Flintstones, will be in Springfield to promote a book on Thursday June the 14th. When not writing, he is a detective with the NYPD. The new recurring character has already been rumored to be heading toward a flirtation with a few of the cast's younger ladies, including Marina and Ava. Whatever he might get up to, as a former associate of Jeffrey's it could easily run the gamut from nasty to nice.

This is Schlereth's first foray into daytime television. In an interview about his new venture into acting, he was quoted as saying that "all I tried to do was be conversational. The biggest thing in my mind was 'Don't act.' Because if I tried to act, I would have come off as a big cheeseball." He has been seen on ESPN as an analyst and commentator since 2001. He also writes regularly for the Washington Examiner and ESPN Magazine. He played for the Washington Redskins form 1989 until 1994 and then made the move to the Denver Broncos (1995-2000). He lives in Denver with his wife, Lisa, and their three children.