Soap Vet Darnell Williams is Coming to GL image


Guiding Light viewers have something new to look forward to next week when Darnell Williams will arrive on the set as Griggs. The new character promises to shed some light on Mallet's lurid past, but whether he shall arrive as friend or foe is what will ultimately be most interesting. He shall be recurring throughout the summer in a plot tun that promises to add some intensity to the proceedings and some very shady angles to characters we already thought we knew. He will make his first appearance on Wednesday, May the 30th.

Williams has a long history with soaps. He was widely popular as Jesse on AMC when he joined that show in 1981. That role garnered him two Daytime Emmy Awards, one for Outstanding Actor in a Supporting Role and one for Outstanding lead Actor (in 1983 and 1985 respectively). From there he went on to appear in Loving/The City as well as on ATWT in 1994. Subsequently, he has appeared on Hack and Nash Bridges and in the films S1mone and Proud. He is sure to be an exciting addition to the cast.