New Face Arriving on GL image

EJ Bonilla (CBS)

On Friday May the 18th, we will see a new face on GL. It belongs to Rafael (also known as Rafe) who will be played by relative newcomer to the TV world, EJ Bonilla. His appearance will play an instrumental part in the lives of a number of cast members. While we don't want to spoil too many surprises, we can tell you that he isn't arriving out of nowhere; he already has a basic connection to one of the core couples in Springfield. In his first few days in town, he will be turning heads and turning things upside down. Daisy, for one, will take more than a passing interest in the new boy and this will spell trouble for someone close by. More surprisingly, a dangerous confrontation with Josh will give both of them more direction than either have had for some time. Rumors are that Josh may never be quite the same after this... It's still unclear how long the character will be sticking around town. It all depends on how well received his presence ultimately is for the couple that he affects the most.

Stay tuned!