Guiding Light's Robert Bogue On Stage image

Robert Bogue (CBS)

It may be short notice, but if you are in New York City tonight, you might want to rush down to The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to catch Guiding Light's Robert Bogue (AC Mallet) when he appears on stage. The actor will be taking part in the latest episode of the theatre's long-running, and improvised, parody of a soap opera, "As The Diamond Burns."

The thirty minute performance calls on a troupe of actors to create and entire episode straight from the hip. "As The Diamond Burns" tells the ongoing story of the "steamy, smoky mining town of Charcoal Ridge, Connecticut [which] is a lusty heathen hump of deceit, desire, murder, betrayal, doing it, and other things. Watch as the characters blindly follow their darkest passions into a pitch-black cave of surrender."

The one and only performance will be on Wednesday September 16 at 9:30 PM at 307 W. 26th St., New York, NY. Tickets will be $5. For more information and advanced reservations, please visit the UBC Theatre's website.