Guiding Light at the Daytime Emmys image

Jeff Branson (CBS)

Last night was the 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards. Although they received few nominations, Guiding Light still received some recognition. In an unusual turn, Jeff Branson (Shayne Lewis) and one time GL star Vincent Irrizary (now on AMC) took home the Emmy for took the 2009 Outstanding Supporting Actor trophy! sends out congrats to both of them. Although Jeff joined the show at the end of last year, he proved to be a strong presence from the very beginning.

The series also received recognition for the extraordinarily long time they've managed to survived. Following a speech from Betty White, there was a brief video glance over the show's history before the cast was brought up for a standing ovation. Just in case you were one of the many who missed the show's tribute, here it is. sends our congratulations to everyone who has been involved with the show over the years and to all of last night's winners and nominees.

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