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Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts on the week of August 10-14.

"We're not the easiest people to love," Phillip told Olivia in one of their sporadic conversations. He spent the early part of the week looking for miracle cures at the local new age store before he ran away to Mexico. His act of desperation was coupled with hers as she sought out comfort with Josh. They flinched at sex and cuddled through the night, which was kind of touching. That's what Josh is for I guess. He's like a puppy dog that drifts around town, offering people cuddles or barking. Olivia also shared some nice times with Doris, eating ice cream, talking about how devoted their daughters are to them. It may have been more interesting if they actually complained about their love lives. We still really don't know anything about Doris' and we're running out of time.

In spite of family protests, Buzz and Cyrus ran off to New York to retrace Jenna's life. After tracking down the dump she used to live in, they went looking for a train station which just happens to have been turned into CBS studios. The janitor smuggled them into the basement and they found her stuff in an old locker. I guess there was something symbolic about a piece of the show's history being stuck in a random locker in the basement and forgotten by everyone in the rest of the building. Cyrus also had the chance to continue his flirtation with Mel. She used him to get information out of a snitch. They're fun, and it doesn't feel like the contrived, 'opposites attract' kind of thing which it is.

Daisy and James went 'camping' which, from what I can recall of the 80s, was a euphemism for sex, but, apparently it's now come back into style. Their romantic developments were quickly cut short by a chance meeting between Alan and James in the cemetery. It's nice that everyone is still visiting Phillip's grave. Alan clearly thinks that his son is repeating his own failings and, in a way, he is. Alan's admission of failure, even if only to himself, were heartfelt given his new context, even if it feels rushed. What was more surprising, and somewhat unbelievable, was James dropping Daisy because he thinks the grandfather who he hates and has never had an interest in, needs him.

The Spauldings weren't the only people to hang out in graveyards last week. Remy and Bill both went to visit Max's grave. Remy was supposed to go with Ava but that never happened. Remy's piece was brief and sensitive. Bill's was more drawn out and they seemed to fashion it into a kind of turning point for him, especially when it came to Lizzie, which isn't really how it happened, but maybe I shouldn't quibble. I think that's actually been one of the things that's bothered me the most about Bill. His sense of loss was never particularly palpable. But that's the thing about Bill: He generally seems like a character devoid of a past and he tends to be written that way, as a kind of ultimately superficial piece of eye candy.

Shayne continued to crumble thanks to Dinah's abrupt confession and departure. He stalked around town looking for a fight and even found a few. That's the Reva side of his personality showing through I guess. Josh made him overly sensitive, quiet and pliant, but, even if Reva abandoned him, she left him with her suicidal tendencies and warped self-obsessed streak. At least he got to punch Mallet.

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

- Matt Purvis