already told you that Maureen Garrett will be reprising her old role as Holly before Guiding Light goes black this September. This led some to wonder if it would also mean the return of her onetime on-screen lover, Fletcher Reade. It does. Fletcher will also be headed back to Springfield before the end of the series. Jay hammer will reprise the role on Thursday September 17, just in time for the conclusion.

The actor, and one time partner of former GL scribe Pamela Long, was last seen on the show back in 1999. Jay originated the role of Fletcher Reade in 1984. The former club owner and newspaper owner had affairs with Claire Ramsey, Vanessa, Reva and Alex. He fled the country in 1998 with his daughter Meg and has presumably been living in Toronto. No word on what he'll be doing when he pokes his head back into town.

Here he is, along with Roger and Blake, in a clip from 1994.