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Blogging From The Beacon.

Thoughts on the week of August 3-7.

Dinah and Shayne were married on Monday and heading for an annulment by Friday. After they sped through a wedding, which was actually a nice and simple court house affair, she wound up running off and confessing to Mallet during her reception. He tried to sweep it under the rug but Frank overheard so that didn't happen. Then she confessed to Shayne and everything fell apart. None of this was unexpected of course. Dinah's weddings almost inevitably go wrong, whether it's because of her or someone else. I kept thinking about one of her wedding days with Mallet when Jeffrey blackmailed her into leaving the cop at the altar so she could go back to his room with him to be his sex slave, or whatever that was about... Dinah's someone I've never been able to feel bad for, or get angry at, or blame for much of anything. She's just Dinah and messing things up is what it means to be Dinah. I think I'd be annoyed if she didn't mess things up, it would be a betrayal of her character. Everyone else seemed unsure about how to take it. There was something close to a collective shrug about the revelation that she was the killer. Sure, people were annoyed and a bit angry, but no one was terribly surprised – there was a sense of normality to it which undercut any sense of dramatic urgency.

Mallet and Marina quickly tried to get back to normal. She took the whole thing remarkably in stride. She actually seems to be trying to forget everything that's happened. Hopefully that's just an act and she'll explode and give Mallet a swift kick. He really deserves one, for all sorts of reasons. Besides, even if I like Dinah and Shayne together, I'd still rather see him with Marina. The chemistry is completely different and in the few scenes that they've shared together, manages to make her into a rather different, and more likable, character.

Buzz and Cyrus continued the quest to complete Coop's book. After reading over a lot of his notes about Jenna, Buzz got hyper and wanted to try stealing something to see how it feels. Cyrus quickly gave in and they ran off to do a little robbery, only to be caught by Remy, who let them go. The story was much less solemn than the week before. This time it was like watching a couple of kids run around and cause mischief. It was actually kind of cute.

Alan faced up to his past and spoke to the widow and her son about the man who went to Vietnam in his place. We didn't actually get to see much of the encounter, which could have been rather interesting, but we got to see him confront Phillip about his disease. After their little blow up, Alan vanished for the rest of the week so Phillip hovered around Cedars and his family. Bill and Lizzie started trying to renovate their money pit of a house. Matt and Beth kind of flirted. I feel like the Spaulding family I used to know has kind of vanished and I'm not sure what I'm looking at anymore.

Although last week saw Dinah leave, it also saw a little more of 'dead' Jeffrey, 'dead' Edmund and Jonathan. Sarah, who is now a few years older than the last time we saw her, found Jeffrey in the middle of a field. Strangely, Jonathan didn't even seem kind of surprised to randomly find his supposedly dead father-in-law in the middle of nowhere and only half dead. After reviving him, they caught up and planned the next move. Edmund tracked Jonathan down on his untrackable number to threaten him. I keep assuming that there is something we're not being told since the situation doesn't make much sense as it is. It was nice to see the three of them though.

Anyway, those were my thoughts about last week. Please feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below and remember that this is all in fun.

- Matt Purvis